#JaxOutings: Why the Cummer Museum is Taking its Art to the Streets

If you’ve been downtown at all over the past few weeks, you may have spotted them suddenly gazing down at you on Forsyth Street during your ride into work, sneaking up on you from the side of a building as you have lunch in , or maybe one caught you by surprise one night while you were grabbing a drink at . What I’m referring to, and what has all of Jacksonville buzzing lately, is the beautiful artwork of the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens permanent collection, blown-up and adhered to weather-worn corners, alley walls, and abandoned buildings in …

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ABET-The Atlantic Beach Spotlight

The Little Theatre That Could The mission of the is simple: to bring the excitement of live theatre to diverse audiences. During its long tenure as a staple of local drama, ABET has concentrated on introducing new and original plays, rediscovering neglected classics and developing new talent within the community through workshops and summer camps. Productions are held in the , which is located at 716 Ocean Blvd in Atlantic Beach. The intimate nature of the space places just a few rows between actors and audiences, creating an experience for both that is unparalleled at similar stage venues. Director Emeritus …

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A century ago, in that pre-T.V. time before Publix, Winn Dixie, and Trader Joes, beach folks still had to eat. The actual way they connected with their calories is on daily display at the Beaches Heritage Garden. Located at the corner of Beach Blvd. and 3rd Ave., the museum garden is wedged between two historic houses (although one is still up on a trailer bed) and is surrounded by an authentic split rail fence. It features much of the produce Pablo Beach pioneers would have planted to survive Northeast Florida’s hurricanes, humidity and heat. Why is this important? Modern gardeners …

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Atlantic Beach: Home Beach Home

Atlantic Beach is one of those rare geographical locations that only occupies a single side of a major roadway. If you straddle the middle yellow line at the foot of Atlantic Boulevard, you can put one foot in and the other in . For me, the last 20 years of my life existed south of the yellow line. It wasn’t until last spring that I officially stepped beyond the divide and into life in Atlantic Beach. I’ve lived in a dozen tiny beach apartments since migrating across the in the early 90’s. Each had its own peculiar blend of salty …

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Southbank Riverwalk Mural: Roux Art’s “Mirrored River” Inspires

A Dedication to Community and Our River The Renovated Southbank Riverwalk Gains the Newest Addition to the City Public Art Collection BY DANIEL AUSTIN, Communications Manager, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville Here’s a bold new idea for Jacksonville: “We want to make this city a destination for mosaic art,” says , who, along with his wife , co-founded A business that focuses on creating “community mosaics,” Roux Art’s experience comes from Kate, a lifetime artist and a twenty-year Duval County Public School art teacher, and Kenny on the business side, who recently retired after 27 years with . For the …

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Protecting Our Water – What Amendment 1 funds can do for Northeast Florida

Amendement 1, St. Johns Riverkeeper, On the River

In November of 2014, Florida voters overwhelmingly said “Yes” to a constitutional amendment that would provide dedicated funding to conserve critical lands and protect our water resources. If you were wondering what that has to do with an entertainment magazine, then you should probably learn more about the priority list of 119 properties sprinkled throughout the state that need more funding, with more than half in north Florida. This “wish list” is developed by Florida’s Acquisition and Restoration Council, the ARC, which evaluates and ranks state land acquisitions based on more than 40 different attributes. Having a wide variety of …

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A New Look for the Southbank Riverwalk

Southbank Riverwalk Improvements, Photo by Fran Ruchalski

If you haven’t been to the Southbank Riverwalk in a while, it’s time to go back. The bright blue bricks in shades of aqua, teal, and baby blue may be your first indication that something has changed. That’s because the has just completed an 18-month, $17 million renovation project to make the area more pedestrian, bike, and family-friendly for the people of Jacksonville. In addition to the bricks, the walkway is wider and lined with benches for lounging, shady canopies for sunny days, and improved lighting to make nighttime strolling more safe and comfortable. At its center, the Naval Memorial …

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Pecha Kucha: Year of the River

   Event: Pecha Kucha: Year of the River When: Thursday, June 18, happy hour at 6 p.m., presentations at 7 p.m. Location: MOCA Jacksonville Tickets: Free Contact: or   was introduced in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network, and show their work in public. The word is Japanese: a term for the sound of conversation or chit-chat. As it is used today, Pecha Kucha is a presentation style of 20 images at 20 seconds each, which makes for rapid, fun imagery and impressions. Pecha Kucha has quickly gained international appeal with events …

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Treaty Oak: A History Rooted in Myth

Treaty Oak by Fran Ruchalski

It’s one of the most significant historical structures in Jacksonville, but no one knows how old it is and no one built it. While today the , a popular site for wedding photos and outdoor summer movie screenings, is one of Jacksonville’s most beloved locations and very likely the oldest living being in the city’s 874.6 consolidated square miles, it owes its continued existence to false prophecies, legends, and lies. In all the gorgeous gargantuan tree’s documented history, the supposed facts have often contradicted each other. Though Treaty Oak is featured as one of 17 trees in Jeffrey Meyer’s 2001 …

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Friendship Fountain – Now Celebrating 50 Years!

Friendship Fountain, Southbank, Jacksonville, FL

Once the “World’s Lightest and Tallest Fountain”, Now Celebrating 50 Years! Since 1963, Jacksonville has enjoyed a signature fountain and park designed by the late, world-renowned architect , also designer of the , among other notable city buildings. Opening in 1965, and the are situated on the , where generations of families have enjoyed ambulating between the Main Street or bridge, which opened in 1957. The fountain, park, and bridge are the visual triumvirate architectural signatures which connect what was once known as South Jacksonville to Downtown. In the beginning, the fountain and park were made possible by a donation …

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