Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso: Definitions of Gender and How that Affects the Life of Masculine Women

The Grey Area, Keagan and Drew Brown, The Grey Area: Local Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso Explores the Masculine Female Perspective

The Grey Area: Local Filmmaker Keagan Anfuso and the Masculine Female Perspective Photos by Verance Photography and Geek Chic Photo Keagan Anfuso is more than the sum of what you see. She’s a filmmaker, rock-climbing enthusiast, experience junkie and a consummate talker. She speaks in complex ribbons of thought, layering paragraphs as needed to illustrate a point. She’s passionate about film and dedicated to creating compelling art that sparks meaningful conversation. A single question often elicits a multi-pronged response, branching off down different paths, but ultimately winding up exactly where she was meant to be.  She looks you in the eye and is …

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Ada Vox performs at River City Pride Fest

The 2018 River City Pride festival marks the 40th anniversary of the city’s signature LGBTQIA+ event with a weekend celebration designed to foster a sense of community, equality and diversity. The parade and festival are vibrant extensions of that mission with a broad spectrum of entertainment in every shade of the rainbow. Among this year’s featured performers is who celebrated her own landmark milestone as the first drag queen to advance to the semi-finals on season 16 of American Idol. The show provided Vox with a platform to showcase her talent but share her story as well. “I am beyond …

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k.d. lang is Asking Big Questions

It seems like an odd reversal of roles, given that she’s doing press for her current tour, Ingenue Redux. Actually, it’s pretty commonplace. In the 25 years plus since lang endeared herself to her fans with Ingenue, a soaring collection of torch songs that showcased her versatility and vocal range in sharp focus, she still feels like an imposter. The name is synonymous with a genre-bending sound that perfectly accessorized her genderfluid aesthetic. Like water, her voice fits any space and reflects different tones and colors in its decidedly perfect pitch. As an artist just starting out, she flirted with …

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At the Intersection of Art and Activism

Hope McMath with The Space Gallery Directors, Matthew and Laura Bennett // Photo by Francesco Salomoni

EVENT: A More Perfect Union: Explorations of Human Rights DATE: February 3 to February 28 VENUE: The Space Gallery (120 E. Forsyth Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202) MORE INFO: Facebook Event When curator lifted A More Perfect Union from the as the title of her latest exhibition project, she knew exactly what she was doing. “As a nation,” says McMath, “we haven’t even met the baseline of what’s been defined as ‘a perfect union.’ But that baseline kind of sucked.” Through the Union of 25 mixed-medium artists at in downtown Jacksonville, McMath aims to highlight the post-election conversation surrounding universal human rights. …

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Erasing Hate: The Laramie Project

It’s been 18 years since University of Wyoming student was kidnapped and beaten, tied to a fence, and left to die on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming, because he was gay. Five weeks after his murder, playwright and fellow members of the traveled to Laramie and conducted more than 200 interviews over the following year with townspeople. From these interviews, they wrote the play , a chronicle of the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder. Under the direction of Associate Professor , The Laramie Project will be staged October 20-22 in . The project exposes …

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Unifying, Family-Friendly Events Planned for 37th Annual River City Pride

River City Pride, Jacksonville, Florida, Equality for All

“River City Pride is where we as a city celebrate who we are and come together in pride and support for the LGBT community.” JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2016 – River City Pride 2016 presented by , to be held Oct. 1-2 and themed “Together In Pride,” is a family-friendly event open to all. Expected to draw well over 15,000 attendees over the two-day period, this is the 37th annual Pride event in Jacksonville. “We are excited to be celebrating the 37th annual River City Pride Parade together at our family-friendly parade and community festival,” said Mike Nicholson, president, River City Pride. “River …

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Jacksonville’s Fan Lexicon unites nerds of all ages

Nerdites, Kyle Willis, Fan Lexicon, EU Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville’s started on Friday, August, 19, 2016 at the Lexington Hotel. This three day event was full of cosplay, karaoke, Pokemon Go events and more. People who travel all over the East Coast, and even those who reside in Orlando made their way to Lexicon to sell their items or to simply indulge in all that Lexicon has to offer. The anime room, filled with Sailor Moon cosplayers, consisted of karaoke and different booths. The fun and light vibes motivated anyone to simply let go of their shyness and join the group. Vendors spread throughout Lexicon were there with original …

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Love Feast

Love Feast, Vicarious, Pulse Orlando, Central Florida Foundation, Skyy Vodka, Love Feast

Secret Pop-Up Food Fair to Benefit Better Together Fund in Response to Orlando Tragedy has a thing for secret locations. For the past few years, she’s hosted lavish dinner parties featuring notable chefs in exotic locations ranging from abandoned buildings to wildlife preserves to cemeteries under brand. Building off the success of these events, she’s formed , an event-planning company that focuses on creating unique culinary and cultural experiences. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, Cari has joined forces with local philanthropist to produce Love Feast, a fundraising event benefiting the Better Together Fund. “We were looking for …

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@100DaysForLGBcuTies: Illustrating Empathy

100 Days for LGBcuTies

The project @100daysforlgbcuties is the delightful work of and that illustrates the folks who have participated in the HRO expansion and discussion. Residing in Duval county has afforded the LGBTQIA community with the challenges of an ongoing and now stagnant HRO conversation. As such, members of the city at large have found numerous avenues to educate, inspire, and combat the disappointing decision issued by Mayor Lenny Curry. There’s a playful and casual affection infused into [email protected] project that serves to humanize those affected by this contentious HRO with a colorful design and brief biographies. While currently relegated to the sphere …

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