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The Lark, a New Creative Space for Downtown Jacksonville

The Lark, a New Creative Space for Downtown Jacksonville, George Saoud, Meleese, Rob Middleton, Tony Rodriguez Mural

Our great city is home to dozens of iconic buildings Downtown that have their own unique, cultural history to tell. The Bryan Building on Hogan Street at is one such superstructure that is layered with decades of creative owners and establishments that only add to its rich authenticity. With the upcoming grand opening of The Lark, these urban walls are on the verge of starting a bright and brand-new contemporary chapter that will revitalize a cherished pocket of . Above the store fronts of and is a vibrant, pulsing innovative space that is about to become a magnet landmark where …

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Creative Community Building at the Beaches: Atlantic Pottery Supply

Atlantic Pottery Supply, Tim Bullard, Creative Community Building at the Beaches: Atlantic Pottery Supply

Jacksonville’s growing art scene isn’t only taking place downtown. While Art Walks and exhibition openings ‘across the ditch’ may often steal the limelight, there is an up and coming art scene at the beaches that is on the verge of erupting in the best way and all of us are invited to take part.  Speaking as an native, I remember taking pottery classes in during high school and attending figure drawing meetups in at this adorable artists’ co-op on the corner near Lynch’s. These creative collectives fueled me as a young artist and provided an environment for learning, growing, bonding, …

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Rebecca Levy to Explore the Body at Jacksonville Dance Theatre’s Annual Concert May 11

Rebecca Levy, Photo by Trib La Prade

Creative Spaces There’s a magic about dance that exists in the moment that it’s seen. It can be recorded or performed again, but it’s not the same as seeing it for the first time. Rebecca Levy is drawn, as other dancers have been before her, to this kinetic magic within the grandeur of the theatre. Nine years ago, Levy was a transplant looking for her place in the dance scene. As a dance professor at FSCJ, she noticed an abundance of talented dancers and solid dance programs, but no way to advance into the professional sphere without moving to a …

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GOOD WOMEN: A Look Into St. Augustine Based Artist Jenna Alexander’s Creative Space

“Here’s to good women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” The mantra that hung in Jenna Alexander’s bathroom throughout her childhood has never left her. It was her inspiration for her newest series, Stripes and Buns. She wanted to know what made a good woman. Flipping through her 260-page book, you find out. “Their words tell more of a story than their pictures,” she says. Alexander, a St. Augustine based artist, photographed over 200 women in striped shirts and buns. They are authentic photographs, symbolizing a hardworking woman. Out of the 200 photographs, she …

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Sarah Crooks Chats About Decent; Dissent; Descend: Into the Springs of RED Pearl River at Jax Makerspace

Sarah Crooks, Photo by Natalie McCray

The turning of the New Year inspires rebirth, renewal and rediscovery through a cleansing of the spirit and affecting positive change. To get the year started off fresh, explore personal agency and the healing power of water with ecofeminist artist who will be hosting a creative engagement workshop Jan. 12 at the . Participants will create a personal narrative drawing in mixed media illustrating their own story using recycled materials. Crooks based the concept for the workshop on her own tapestry drawing entitled “Decent; Dissent; Descend: Into the Springs of RED Pearl River,” the fourth and final tapestry drawing of …

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Creative Spaces: Patrick Fisher, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville

It’s not everyday that someone new arrives to the Bold New City of the South to move and shake the local arts. Last year, Patrick Fisher entered the scene with a fresh perspective and a heap of motivation. After completing a cross-country road trip with his dog in 2016, Fisher was hired as the Office Manager at the (CCGJ), the arts agency for the . He immediately noticed room for growth in the organization when he started work. “When I go into a new job,” he says, “it’s always with the objective of creating more value than I consume.” Over …

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Creative Spaces: Chelsea DuDeVoire of Babes Who Hustle

Chelsea DuDeVoire is a working woman’s strongest ally. The founder and CEO of Babes Who Hustle, a website devoted to connecting working women around the globe, never knew that her desire to watch other women succeed would lead to her own success. DuDeVoire started the website after graduating from Florida State University and beginning her professional life in Jacksonville. “I think I hit rock bottom creatively, and wanted to start something,” says DuDeVoire. “I started it for fun—created the blog for myself and my friends, and it quickly grew out of my circles and into something much bigger.” Her mission …

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Fried Chicken & Ramen: Chris Straw of Hangar Bay Café in Mayport

Hangar Bay, Bayou Ramen, Mayport, Atlantic Beach, Florida

Chris Straw never exactly intended to open a restaurant. “I didn’t follow my dreams,” he says of his entrepreneurial ventures. “I followed opportunity.” In 2009, an opportunity came along for Straw to open his first restaurant. The joint Simply Tasty Thai rapidly grew in popularity, becoming a staple among residents of the . Fast forward to May 2016, when the chance arose for Straw to open a second restaurant in the same shopping plaza as Simply Tasty. That’s how Hangar Bay Café was born. At Hangar Bay, Straw quickly earned a reputation for serving two unique foods—authentic Japanese ramen and …

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Creative Spaces: Michael and Christie Leach of Bee Friends Farm

Christie and Michael Leach of Bee Friends Farm

When he was sixteen years old, an employer advised beekeeper to quit his job every five years. “Incidentally, that’s what’s happened,” says Leach. Yet the bee business seems to stick. These days, he’s on his third year of the honey product development side of with his wife, Christie, and their three children. Bee Friends produces over a dozen unique varieties of honey. Their most commonly harvested products include gallberry honey, a berry native to Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, and wildflower honey. Over time, Christie has developed and perfected Bee Friends Farm’s spreadable creamed honey flavors, including Chocolate (destined for …

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