The Magnitude of the 26th Amendment

Words by Ariel Rademyer  Voting facilitates expression for the people. Serving as a vital and core attribute of the United States of America, selecting government officials is our nation’s blessing. We, the people, hold the power to make our voices heard on a larger scale. On July 1st, 1971, the United States Federal Government ratified the 26th amendment, granting the right for 18-year-olds to vote in elections. Voting allows for a change in communities; whether this alteration includes a different direction for the workforce departments or education, voters dictate their future. Particularly, 18-year-olds can elect candidates who implement beliefs prevalent …

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Legal Advice: How to Buy Insurance

We are all taught things in kindergarten that apply throughout life. Use kind words. Share with others. Try your best. As we progress through school these lessons compound. We learn reading, writing and arithmetic skills. More lessons come with age, such as the importance of wearing sunscreen, especially here in Florida. However, I have never seen a single lesson given about the importance of insurance. The gecko doesn’t tell us. Jake doesn’t pass that information along. And the camel is so excited it is hump day that, well, he doesn’t take the time to explain what everything means either. The …

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