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Pandemic could put Jaguars’ traditions on ‘timeout’

September 24, 2020
Lindsey Nolen Remember the basketball game HORSE? Well, on Thursday nights during the National Football League regular season the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive line comes together for their own version of the game, “CAT.” They’ve also been known to play a game of Rock Band or two. This is because on Thursdays after practice, Center Brandon Linder typically hosts the OL

Faithfully Yours

July 10, 2012
Written by Kara Pound Religious beliefs have caused relationship turmoil for thousands of years. Whether it’s Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Samartitanism, interfaith relationships have crosses to bear. In Geoffrey Nauffts’ play “Next Fall,” two gay men in a committed relationship — Adam, an atheist, and Luke, a devout believer in

Juveniles Are Really Just Kids

July 10, 2012
Written by Tricia Booker So the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it’s unconstitutional to sentence children to mandatory life in prison without parole. It’s stunning that we need a court decision to rule on such an obvious violation of human rights, but there it is. Of course, in the

2012 Field Guide

July 10, 2012
The short list of don’t-miss, can’t-lose events around Northeast Florid JANUARY – APRIL Gator Bowl The annual college football classic is held every year on Jan. 1 at EverBank Field, 1 EverBank Field Blvd., downtown Jacksonville. Events leading up to the nationally televised game include a 5K, a parade and

Hail and Farewell

July 3, 2012
Written by Anne Schindler The first story I wrote for Folio Weekly, in 1995, touched on crack cocaine, slavery, rural transvestites and the grim isolation of agricultural poverty. In an odd way, the story about migrant labor camps in Hastings was a rough guide to the issues that keep altweeklies

More Than a Filling

July 3, 2012
Written by Kara Pound Some tables inside the W.E. Harris Community Center in Hastings are piled with boxes of potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, peppers and onions. Others are filled with deli meat, pastries and canned goods — even tempeh, tofu, organic yogurt and brie. In all, the tables hold 4,000 pounds

Sweet Relief

July 3, 2012
Written by Kara Pound Local art lovers have probably seen Annelies M. Dykgraaf’s woodblock prints around town. The images are hard to miss: Bold hues of red, green, blue, black and yellow depict scenes from the artist’s Nigerian childhood — roosters, children heading to the local market and a mother

Honky Tonk Women

July 3, 2012
Written by Kara Pound The Nashville-based trio Those Darlins (formerly a quartet) met a half-decade ago in 2006 at Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp in Murfreesboro, Tenn. Comprising Jessi Darlin (lyricist, bass, vocals), Nikki Darlin (guitar, vocals) and Linwood Regensburg (drums), the band released its eponymous debut in June

Healing Potential

June 26, 2012
Written by Dr. Daniel Berman and Dr. Susan Randers Recently, we had the opportunity to read a book written by former Sen. Bill Bradley, called “We Can Do Better.” When he speaks of healthcare, Bradley discusses how America has been debating this issue since the turn of the century. The

Rapid Fire Rhymes

June 26, 2012
Written by Nick McGregor As applied to hip hop, the term “fire-spitting” never fit anyone more perfectly than Kansas City, Mo., native Tech N9ne. Born Aaron Yates, Tech N9ne was so named because of his superhuman ability to string together double-, triple- and even quadruple-time rhymes that blur the line

Closing the Book

June 26, 2012
Written by Susan Cooper Eastman The story of Jamestown isn’t what you might think. Despite what you were taught in school, the essential lesson of the early American settlement isn’t the story of the 127 English men and boys who arrived in 1607 seeking profit, or the 80 percent of
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