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Pandemic could put Jaguars’ traditions on ‘timeout’

September 24, 2020
Lindsey Nolen Remember the basketball game HORSE? Well, on Thursday nights during the National Football League regular season the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive line comes together for their own version of the game, “CAT.” They’ve also been known to play a game of Rock Band or two. This is because on Thursdays after practice, Center Brandon Linder typically hosts the OL

Executive Overreach

July 9, 2019
BACKPAGE EDITORIAL FOLIO WEEKLY welcomes Backpage submissions. They should be 1,200 words or fewer and on a topic of local interest or concern. Send submissions to Opinions expressed on the Backpage are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Folio Weekly. story by TERRY D.

State of Play

July 9, 2019
story by SHELTON HULL Summertime is generally a slow timefor politics, except in election years. I anticipate that next summer will be the craziest that we’ve seen in 50 years, an oscillating creep-show curve guaranteed to make grown men weep and children use language that will get them slapped. I

Don’t Be a Freak off the Leash

July 9, 2019
story by DAVI I recently had a nerve-wrenching experience while hiking with my mom. As we traveled along the trail, I noticed a large dog running toward us: ears alert, tail up, and eyes focused on me. Despite my best effort to “bark bark bark” and my mom’s command for

Mojo Magic!

July 9, 2019
story by CHEF BILL THOMPSON I got my mojo on … haven’t lost my mojo … go pick up some Cuban mojo. Mojo … just what the heck does that word mean, anyhow? Is it really a word? Is it pronounced moe-jo? And what does “have your mojo on” have

Lime & Limpid Green

July 9, 2019
Apex Theatre Studio presents “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” 8 p.m. Tuesday & Wednesday, July 16 & 17, The Amp, St. Augustine,, $10-$15 The Amp1340C A1A SouthSt. Augustine, FL 32080 View larger map story by GEORGIO VALENTINO “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” So says the mischievous sprite Puck, in

Seth Owen in Flux

July 9, 2019
Unbroken Horizons Scholarship Banquet 6 p.m. Friday, July 12, Casa Marina Hotel and Restaurant, Jacksonville Beach,, $50-$85 story by CLAIRE GOFORTH Search for Seth Owen on the internet and you’ll find all the signs of a glamorous life. Here he shares a laugh with former Vice President Joe Biden.

Live + Local Music

July 9, 2019
Live Music Venues AMELIA ISLAND, FERNANDINA SALTY PELICAN, 12 N. Front St. Davis Turner every Thur. SJ Brewing Co., 463646 S.R. 200 Shawn Layne July 13 SLIDERS, 1998 S. Fletcher Ave. Midlife Chryslers July 12. Firewater Tent Revival July 13. Pili Pili Wed. Tad Jennings Thur. STORY & SONG Bookstore,
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