A Culinary Journey Through Diversity and Good Eats: My Picks for the Top Restaurants in Northeast Florida

By Angelica Santini Hernandez Northeast Florida is a hidden gem on the culinary map of the United States. Over time, our dining options have grown considerably along with our population and diversity to better reflect our vibrant community. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the restaurant scene offers a delightful lineup of flavors and experiences. Here are some of

Asian Night Market in Jacksonville

Words by Kara Carter You may have seen lively videos of people roaming the streets of Thailand and Vietnam, specifically at night, eating traditional foods and delicacies like skewers, papaya salad and Vietnamese pancakes. Now this experience is coming to Jacksonville!  The Asian Night Market is held the last weekend

Voo Swar, Where Past Meets Present

June 17, 2022
Located down a quiet street in Mayport is a bar that prides itself on being a building block for the community through generations. Voo Swar Restaurant and Lounge has been open since 1963; a time where segregation was still running rampant not only in the streets of Atlantic Beach and

The New Coffee House 

June 3, 2022
Move over coffee houses, there is a new café in town. Kava, made from the ground root of a kava plant, has become a new favorite in Florida. So much so, there new kava bars and cafes opening up all over. These bars offer a pleasant place to gather with

Watering Holes to Remember

May 19, 2022
It’s a nice summer day, and you’re looking to grab a drink but don’t want to visit the same bar you go to every week? I get it and I’ve got the list for you! VooSwar Restaurant and Lounge Built by hand in 1963 by owner Earnest Davis, this Atlantic

Shaping Local

May 19, 2022
These photos may be black and white, but finding your next magic surfboard is not. There are more surfers today than ever before, but the distance between surfers’ hands and  boardmakers has only increased with the influx. Surf industry tycoons used this boom as an opportunity to exploit and taint

Not Bad Activism

March 21, 2022
Today’s whirlwind of media and pseudo activism makes it really hard to tell who is behind a business. Virtual signaling filling storefronts and social media posts aligning too perfectly with current issues are common tools businesses use to create an image of who they are, but it isn’t unusual company

Eat Your Yard Jax

Kale Boucher I’ve long romanticized gardening. As soon as I got my hands on “The Adventures of Peter Rabbit” I was fixated by the idea of growing your own food. It’s only recently I’ve made the leap from childhood dreaming to tangible learning and practice. In this, I’m not alone.

73-Year-Old Staple

March 7, 2022
Rain Henderson Arriving at 3646 Post St, a line of eager people wraps around the small white building behind the Circle K. The trunk of an SUV is popped open, colorfully-socked feet sway from side to side inducing a focus only a small child licking an ice-cream cone in the
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