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Haven’t Already Heard About Damascus Gate? You Will Soon

Damascus Gate, Jacksonville, Florida, Shawarma, Pita, Photo by Jill Cruz

If you haven’t already heard about Damascus Gate, you definitely will soon! Owners Raed Alshaikh and Mouhammad Maidani have already opened two restaurants in Jacksonville and have a third on the way. I can’t say much about the third location except that it will be located in the middle of Jacksonville and is very unique. As Raed puts it, “I’m gonna do something that everybody talks about.” Alshaikh is no stranger to the restaurant business. He owned seven restaurants in Dubai including one very fun concept called ROGO’s. In this restaurant, the kitchen was located on the 4th floor. When …

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#EATUPJAX: January Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations

#EATUPJAX: January Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations, Midtown Table

We’ve written about closing his restaurant, and assured you that your gift cards could be spent at his restaurant, . That WAS true, for a few months, but it isn’t true any more. Seems that Kenny Gilbert is pulling up stakes entirely and moving on from the First Coast to North Carolina. He opened the Fernandina restaurant in 2015. Over the holidays in St. Nicholas, a drunk driver plowed into the neighborhood watering hole . Nobody was hurt and business resumed the next day! In early December, the of Jacksonville let it be known that they had bought the old …

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New Year’s Eve Gala was a Roar at Alhambra Theatre & Dining

New Year's Eve Gala was a Roar at Alhambra Theatre & Dining

Jacksonville’s fabulous closed out 2019, a year filled with many outstanding sold-out productions, which included their traditional New Year’s Eve Gala. Suggested attire included formal wear and 1920’s flapper era garb, and we saw many many ladies in beautiful dresses this year. The party began around 6:00 pm in the lobby and library with wait staff offering champagne flutes and fine appetizers (best-ever appetizer: Classic Oysters Rockefeller). Seating followed at 6:30. Dinner included Lobster Bisque or Caesar Salad and four entrée choices: the most popular was Filet & Maine Lobster with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Other choices included deviled crab, …

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Marijuana Themed Sandwich Shop in St. Augustine? Cheba Hut has all the Munchies

Marijuana Themed Sandwich Shop? Cheba Hut has all the Munchies

Cheba Hut recently opened their first East Coast location in . I was invited out to meet with the owner Dusty and try the food. Having zero knowledge of the brand before they contacted me, I was intrigued by their business once I read that they are a “Marijuana Themed Sandwich Shop.” What did that mean? I needed to know. So I dug into the business a little bit and realized that the theme is just that, a theme. As much as some of you might want it to be, the food is not marijuana infused. The menu items are …

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New Fall Cocktails Hawkers Asian Street Fare

New Fall Cocktails Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Cocktails at Hawkers Hawkers has some new fall cocktails available and I was one of the lucky few invited out for a cocktail making class to celebrate. Our class was held at the location, but the new cocktails can also be ordered at their location, which was recently expanded to add a wraparound bar and a few extra tables.   We started the night by making 2 of their new cocktails: G-N-TEA: Smoky and herbal. Chai-infused Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish gin, apple cider simple tonic, smoked cinnamon. Jingle Juice: Light and festive. RumHaven, REÀL coconut, pineapple juice, house sake, prosecco This was such …

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Paryse Watson Creates a Piece of Canada in Riverside: The Stuffed Beaver

Paryse Watson Creates a Piece of Canada in Riverside: The Stuffed Beaver, Photo by Jill Cruz of Snack and Jill

While it’s true that we have many different types of cuisines in Jacksonville, you will only find one Canadian restaurant, The Stuffed Beaver. Located on the corner of Oak and Barrs St in , everything about this place screams “Canada!” The décor includes a giant Canadian map where people can mark where they are from, a wall of photos showing famous actors from Canada, and a stuffed beaver in the corner, naturally. If you look closely, you will also see a very familiar face adoring the photo wall, the owner Paryse Watson. You might be surprised to learn that Paryse …

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#EATUPJAX: November Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations

Ida Claire open at the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville, Florida, Blueberry Waffle, #EATUPJAX: November Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

#EATUPJAX is a monthly column featuring restaurant openings, closings, new locations and other food news in the local Jacksonville food scene brought to you by   on the is now closed. If you still have gift cards or turkey orders, they will be honored at ’s restaurant, Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen.  Craving some vegan and gluten-free? This November, coming to 311 West Ashley Street near the Duval County courthouse in , is Grenville Kitchen. They’ll be serving pastries, soups, salads, and Caribbean-inspired cuisine. The most intriguing of their selections: the voxtail, a vegan version of an oxtail.  The super-swanky Downtown eatery, , …

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Feud Exclusive: Chef Nina G Popular Among Jaguars’ Fournette, Ngakoue

“Steel Cut Oats. Egg whites, with Mozzarella cheese. Turkey bacon, but not crispy. Fresh watermelon and Midnight Beauty grapes. Orange juice with pomegranate, and a little brown sugar on the side.” Sitting on the patio of a local coffee shop, Chef Nina G rattles ’s daily breakfast off of the top of her head ecstatically, without fumbling. She dives into Fournette’s lunch and dinner preference with vigor, barely allowing me to get a word in. She’s elated to discuss the menu, but I’m more interested in how she became a personal chef for some of the ’ most popular athletes. …

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#EATUPJAX: October Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

10/Six Grille, #EATUPJAX: October Restaurant Openings, Closings, and New Locations in the Local Jacksonville Food Scene

Can I say I’m stoked about the decor of a restaurant? The building was briefly home to MLG after moved out. They drained all the color out of the place, opting for stark black and white instead. They tried being whimsical with menu item names, but it just didn’t work. I think the color has to be coming back with the 10/Six Grille, an Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant. Best of all, they aren’t going Disney with it, sticking instead to the original inspiration of the actual source material which is trippy enough that I think the fun will be back. …

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Karai Ramen Bistro: Chef Levi Broadwell Working Hard to Get Each Recipe Right

Karai Ramen Bistro: Chef Levi Broadwell Working Hard to Get Each Recipe Right, Photo by Jill Cruz

Those in search of Jacksonville’s best Ramen should head towards a strip mall near the intracoastal. That’s where you’ll find Karai Ramen Bistro. Chef and Owner Levi Broadwell has been perfecting his recipes all around Jacksonville for the past six years. His career started in Central Florida when he was just 15 years old. For years his mother worked in a Chinese restaurant, and from the age of nine he would frequently visit her there. Levi would beg the chef to teach him about cooking but would always get told he was too young. Undeterred, he would spend his time …

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