Seven Local Farmers Markets You Should Know About

Jacksonville Farmers Market Daily, dawn to dusk, Because so many produce providers are there each day, there’s competition, so prices are excellent even if you don’t haggle. What they have over other farmers markets is an incredible selection, but of course that means not everything is locally grown. If it was, there wouldn’t be enough of a variety to sustain such a great market, with choices from exotics like durian and jackfruit to a booth that specializes just in varieties of peaches! There are locally grown booths to be found, and sometimes a booth that’s largely from other states …

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Personal Restart: Circadian Rhythm Influences Our Sleep

I got an interesting email from one of our readers who questioned her own sleep habits after reading last month’s sleep article. Meet Tina. Tina is a 32 year old healthy night shift nurse who is also a fitness trainer. She sleeps 8 hours a day, eats only Non-GMO organic foods, is well hydrated, has optimized her hormones, works out, and meditates regularly. Tina’s schedule: She works 7pm to 7am, 3 days a week. She hopes she can fall asleep when she gets home. On the other days, she is working as a fitness trainer and struggles to keep the …

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Military Support Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition The Jacksonville Military Veterans Coalition (JMVC) is committed to honoring military veterans and currently serving members of the National Guard and Reserve by facilitating career, business, and education opportunities in Jacksonville. Central to the JMVC vision is the recognition that many of the skills veterans developed in the military–leadership, fast and accurate decision making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission–have a direct application to Jacksonville businesses. The JMVC works with military organizations, veterans’ groups, industry associations, governmental entities, and Jacksonville businesses to build awareness and understanding of how these skills and cultural attributes …

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From Ohio To Jacksonville: Whit’s Frozen Custard Is Catching On

As far as sweet treats are concerned, there are few things as totally satisfying as fresh frozen custard made according to the original recipe of Chuck Whitman from Granville, Ohio. Unless, of course, you consider the vast variety of decadent toppings, from pineapple and shaved coconut to chocolate chip cookies and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, available at Whit’s Frozen Custard. A glimpse into the history available on the Whit’s website details how “Chuck Whitman, working in his father’s food service business, spent 21 years calling on restaurants, including popular soft-serve businesses throughout the Midwest. During this time, he also purchased …

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New Food In The 904: 12 Fresh Spots To Dine In Jacksonville

Rue Saint Marc By Erin Thursby / Photos by Sterling Tucker Rue Saint Marc, the latest venture backed by the brothers Medure, is actually a partnership with a couple who have had an incredible journey over the years. The French-American menu comes from CIA Hyde Park alum Chef Scott Alters, but the cocktails happening at the bar are the brainchildren of his fiancée Gabrielle Saul. She’s been studying mixology for years, and spent some time in Napa perfecting her understanding of wine. She shook up the bar program at Medure before helping her fiancé open Rue. She makes as much as …

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SWEET DREAMS: Sleep Hygiene Requires Daytime Decompression

Sleep Hygiene Requires Daytime Decompression It’s really easy to ignore the primal needs of the body and dive into a weight loss, or exercise program or pop a pill to improve the condition of one’s body. But, it’s not always sustainable. Last month’s article focused on hydration, the second in line to oxygen. Today, sleep is on the agenda as the very necessary next step in creating a foundation of health.  As a population, we need more sleep. According to the CDC, insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. We yawn and our eyes become heavy. This is our body’s …

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Honoring Our Fallen: Duval County Veterans Memorial Wall in Downtown Jacksonville

Duval County Veterans Memorial Wall in Jacksonville, FL, Robin Kiely, Photo Fran Ruchalski

Our Veterans Memorial Wall is unusual in that it honors all six branches of the military: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. The 65 foot-long monument lists the names of soldiers from World War I through the War on Terror, with a connection to Jacksonville, most often through attending high school here. A torch with an eternal flame stands in front of the monument. The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Wall can be found at 1145 East Adams Street, adjacent to . It’s also recorded as the second largest wall in the country, only behind the Vietnam Veteran’s …

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8 Waterparks Around Jacksonville To Checkout This Summer

Adventure Landing, Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Waterparks, EU Jacksonville

BEAT THE HEAT WITH WATERPARKS Ahhh, summer! The days are longer, the temperatures are soaring, and people start getting desperate for any opportunity to cool off. For some, that means cranking the A/C and trying not to think of the sky-high electric bill coming their way. For others, especially the young and the young at heart, getting out and getting wet is the way to go. If you fall into the latter category, Florida has plenty of opportunities for a splashing good time. Experience some thrills while you chill at these waterparks in and around the Jax area. Shipwreck Island …

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Honor & Duty: A Look at the History of the Military in Jacksonville, Florida

U.S. NAVY Sailors depart on USS Simpson decommissioning, US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Timothy Schumaker

Heading south in a 1972 Monte Carlo bought with his last $500, Bill Spann caught a glimpse of the Jacksonville skyline as he made his way down I-95 to his new home at Naval Station Mayport. “I thought, ‘How did I never know about this before?’ I fell in love with the city that day,” says Spann. When Spann received his duty orders, people asked if he had an admiral in his family or someone to pull the strings for such a desirable station. “I just got lucky. Jacksonville has long been the most requested duty station in the Navy,” …

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Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tour: Four cocktails, 13 strangers, and One Blast of a Bar Crawl

Amelia Island Downtown Tasting Tours holds mixology tours every Friday and Saturday from 5:30pm–7:30pm. Priced at $45, each tour includes four local bars (different every outing), where attendees (no more than 14 per group) sample one cocktail per venue. For more information and to book, visit You know that mixing vodka, gin, and rum may not be a smart idea. But you do not let that thought linger; you are about to have a good time. You stroll into the homey ( in downtown . The owner, Marisol—last names are a needless formality in this tight community—beams from behind …

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