Brooks Rehab Teams Up with the City of Jacksonville to Create Adaptive Kayak Launches

Hanna Park Ramp, Brooks Rehabilitation Center Teams Up with the City of Jacksonville to Create 11 New Adaptive Kayak Launches

Physical Therapy Takes on New Meaning with Adaptive Kayak Launches Hanna Park is one of three recreational sites in Jacksonville with a new adaptive kayak launch to serve the disabled community. As part of the City of Jacksonville’s Adaptive Recreation Program, the Disabled Services Division and Brooks Rehabilitation have partnered to provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity to enjoy the waterways. Alice Krauss manages the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program at Brooks Rehabilitation Center where she works with patients as an Occupational Therapist. The recreation program offers individuals with disabilities the chance to participate in sports at , compete against …

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Negro American League Jacksonville Red Caps Instrumental On, Off the Field

Icons of America’s pastime such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig have laced their cleats up at present day J. P. Small Park on Jacksonville’s . What if we told you they’re not the biggest sports heroes to round the bases, though? Now, the is the birthplace of many of the Bold City’s networking and business dreams. In 1937, the then-railroad-station was the unassuming birthplace of one of the boldest, most influential stories in the First Coast’s extensive sports history. Employed as Pullman porters and tending to sleeper cars for the passengers coming in and out of the Jacksonville Terminal, our …

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Indoor Playgrounds, Adventure Parks, Bowling, Skating, and Other Indoor Activities Around Jacksonville

Pump It Up, Indoor Playgrounds, Trampoline and Adventure Parks, Bowling, Skating, and Other Indoor Activities Around Jacksonville, Florida

As summer stretches on and the temperatures tick skyward, Florida families know that sometimes the best place to play is inside where the AC is cool and sunscreen is not required. Thankfully, the First Coast is home to plenty of indoor activities so you’ll never be bored while beating the heat.  Indoor Playgrounds Bay & Bee (locations at the Beaches and Bartram Springs, Bay & Bee is a locally owned, eco-friendly indoor play space inspired by Montessori and Waldorf educational principles and geared toward children, infant to age 5. In addition to open play, classes and workshops are available …

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Around and Near Jacksonville: The Best Beaches to Visit on the First Coast of Florida

Around and Near Jacksonville: Best Beaches on the First Coast, Mickler's Beach in Ponte Vedra, Sharks Teeth

The expression “Life’s a beach” looks at the bright side of things, putting a sunny spin on a phrase that when substituting its more vulgar counterpart means the exact opposite, or at the very least a female dog. “A day at the beach” also serves as a unit of measurement to describe a pleasurable situation, but in an idiomatic sense denotes less than desirable circumstances, as in ‘she was no day at the beach’. What does a day at the beach mean to you? For some, it’s as simple and stretching out on a towel or lounge chair, turning the …

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Creative Community Building at the Beaches: Atlantic Pottery Supply

Atlantic Pottery Supply, Tim Bullard, Creative Community Building at the Beaches: Atlantic Pottery Supply

Jacksonville’s growing art scene isn’t only taking place downtown. While Art Walks and exhibition openings ‘across the ditch’ may often steal the limelight, there is an up and coming art scene at the beaches that is on the verge of erupting in the best way and all of us are invited to take part.  Speaking as an native, I remember taking pottery classes in during high school and attending figure drawing meetups in at this adorable artists’ co-op on the corner near Lynch’s. These creative collectives fueled me as a young artist and provided an environment for learning, growing, bonding, …

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Jacksonville Restaurants: Downtown Dining

Bellwether Restaurant in Downtown Jacksonville, Catch of the day- Flounder, coconut jasmine rice, baby bok choy, oyster mushroom, house kimchi, thai broth, Photo by Nate Mayo

Downtown dining keeps getting more and more tasty. This month we’ve picked three restaurants you should try if you happen to be in ! Gili’s Kitchen Catering & Bakery 126 W Adams St # 102, (904) 475-1400, Even with the wide variety of cuisines in Jacksonville, finding Kosher in our fair city is more difficult than you’d expect. Chef Gili owned a catering company in Israel before teaming up with Ricki Ben Simon to form . While they serve up traditional Jewish fare, especially when it comes to catering events, their menu is surprisingly international, with Vietnamese-inspired items alongside …

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Is the St. Johns River in Danger? Don’t Feed the Algae

St. Johns Riverkeeper, Algae in the St. Johns, Drayton Island

  Algae bloom season is already upon our St. Johns River. Since mid-April, St. Johns Riverkeeper has received dozens of reports from Lake George and Palatka and all the way to Jacksonville. Our team is saddened by the images flooding our communication channels of the green muck coating our River. This early start could potentially be a sign of worse blooms to come as sunny days, water temperatures, and rains continue to rise. Nutrients? Aren’t those good for the River? Algae blooms are visible symptoms of sickness and too much nutrient pollution in our waterways. Nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, are …

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Meet the Curator: Aaron Levi Garvey

Meet the Curator: Aaron Levi Garvey

Aaron Levi Garvey is a force of nature. He’s served as an independent curator at major art institutions across the country, regularly writes and lectures about contemporary art culture, and currently serves as Guest Curator for the . Garvey chatted with EU Jacksonville Newspaper about his passion for museums, his family, the arts, and his plans for the future. Let’s start with a brief background. Where’d you grow up, what’s your alma mater, and who are the most influential people in your life?  Who is ?  I was born and raised in New York, then moved to Florida for High …

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Phantoms of the First Coast: The Faces Behind Northeast Florida’s Most Haunted Tours

Phantoms of the First Coast: The Faces Behind NE Florida’s Most Haunted Tours

With several thousand years of civilization under its belt, the First Coast has experienced its share of trials and tribulation. Ghosts are big business for the curious and thrill-seekers alike, and October’s reprieve from the oppressive heat puts many in the mood for a haunted history lesson. One need not look far to find a ghost tour. As you board a trolley or prepare to walk along darkened cobblestone streets, consider for a moment the storyteller’s tale. Four local haunted tour guides shared their story and personal experiences with EU Jacksonville. Whether you’re a supernatural enthusiast or a diehard skeptic, …

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Reality Check for Florida? Miami’s Rising Tide of Climate Action

Miami's Rising Tide of Climate Action, ashley-satanosky-325852-unsplash

For decades, Miami has been an international tourist destination, known for its lavish nightlife and decadent beach lifestyles. Yet lately, in popular imagination, its reputation as a perennial, sunny playground of the rich and fabulous is preceded by predictions of its imminent drowning. Therefore, it is not so surprising that Miami has joined a coalition of the willing with other major US cities to do what they can to counter the Trump administration’s belligerence towards curbing climate change. President Trump’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords has only accelerated this trend and cities are increasingly taking climate policy into their …

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