Travis Zittrauer

Jacksonville taught Travis Zittrauer how to write. The smell of Maxwell House coffee, the colors of the city's hidden murals, the taste of Angie's Peruvian sauce. Much of his highschool years were spent exploring historic neighborhoods and finding inspiration through Jacksonville community members. He received his degree in Editing, Writing and Media from Florida State University and is eager to use his writing to document the city he loves. Aside from writing, he enjoys film photography, can roll his R’s, and still isn’t quite sure how to find his way out of Chamblin’s Bookmine. He works from home in Riverside with his two cats, Steve and Toast. You can contact him at [email protected].

Rally 904: How Dean Grant Serves up Community in Atlantic Beach

Words and photos by Travis Zittrauer While the last few months have brought families together around the dinner table, Dean Grant has been working hard to bring the Jacksonville community around a different kind of table: a table that is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. Rally 904, which opened in October, is a ping pong bar located off Mayport Road in Atlantic Beach. What used to be Grant’s mixed martial arts gym once lined wall-to-wall with training mats has transformed into a space lined with tables and dedicated to the art and sport of ping pong. The transition …

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Will Morgan Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: What’s Next for Vagabond

  Vital community member and creative spirit Will Morgan discusses his process, his mission, and his plans for the coming year as he redefines what it means to be Vagabond.  Words and Photos by Travis Zittrauer Will Morgan paused mid-sentence, seconds after giving me the go-ahead for an interview, to dash out from behind his teal espresso machine and out onto Edgewood Avenue. There, he shouted with a cheerful wave, “Happy Birthday, friend!” to a man who had just walked past his Murray Hill shop. Returning, he mused, possibly to himself more than me, “I don’t know how many more …

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