Su Ertekin-Taner

Jacksonville native Su Ertekin-Taner is a student at Columbia University with a passion for everything arts. While she writes creatively, satirically, journalistically, and enthusiastically (of course), she also loves to sing, dance, and do impressions; her favorites are Toddlers and Tiaras Mom and Shakira. Find Su critiquing the quality of reality TV that she willingly spends several hours a day watching, petting her cat even though she recently discovered her cat allergy, and probably watching paint dry because it's fun.

Canvas Chronicles: Meet Wendy Sullivan, the Artist Who Made the Starry Night Out of Hair Extensions

Words by Su Ertekin-Taner Artist Wendy Sullivan’s house and barn are full of bins. Unlike the uber-organized parent or the halfway-moved homeowner though, Sullivans bins don’t store the children’s newest baubles or appliances respectively. Her collection of plastic bins are not household treasures at all — and especially don’t lend

Podcast Picks

November 30, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner “Pops on Hops” For Barry and Abigail Hummel, podcasting is a family affair. The father and daughter duo are the co-hosts of podcast “Pops on Hops.” In their usually 90-minute to hour- long podcast episodes, the cross generational pair discuss two podcast topics — perhaps

Podcast Picks

November 1, 2023
Words by Su-Ertekin-Taner The Terry Jaymes Show “Welcome to The Terry Jaymes Show” reverberates with a familiar voice. An original rock-esque theme song created for the show shortly follows. The Terry Jaymes — yes, the famed national radio co-host of Lex and Terry, podcaster, and comedian — then delivers a

Girl Dinner

October 20, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner I take a resident cheddar block out of the fridge and try my best to cut the hunk into small cubes— I am partial to the shape. I adorn a now cheddar-filled plate with pretzel crisps; I fashion hearts out of my pretzels that will frame

Podcast Picks

September 29, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner The Quinntessentials’ Podcast  In many ways, The Quinntessentials’ Podcast is a quintessential podcast: weekly, sometimes biweekly episodes, a bass intro, an hour-long exploration of a niche, an outro that advertises all hosts’ social media and frequent episode teasers. In other ways, this podcast exceeds the

The Rise of the Awkward Interview

September 25, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner At 13, I watched my words, spoke quietly and re-evaluated my interactions. Because awkward silences and missed social cues were a warrant for social death, I preemptively planned conversations and decisive reactions. Authenticity was vulnerability, and I attempted to adapt. What choice did I have?

Let’s Talk About Period Poverty

September 22, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner Alyx Carrasquel wasn’t surprised when I told her an estimated 500 million people lack access to menstrual hygiene products and facilities (according to As a 27-year-old reproductive justice advocate, she expected as much, citing the stigma around periods and absence of legislation making period

Podcast Picks

August 29, 2023
Words by Su Ertekin-Taner Completely Booked:  “Folio” is completely hooked on the Jacksonville Public Library’s official podcast, “Completely Booked”! On this bimonthly podcast, Jacksonville’s chroniclers, thriller authors, cookbook creators, biographers, queer historical fiction writers, poets, romance novelists and wordsmiths gather for a recorded tete-a-tete with a cute and snappy

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