Stephen Dare

Stephen Dare is a writer, restauranteur, chef, arts and civic advocate with a background in urban development, planning, neighborhood revitalization and pure old fashioned Southern gossip. He currently edits a few celebrity and lifestyle publications and has great affection for EU and the remarkable family that produces it.
The Harvest at 5 & Dime: Real Glimpses of Pathos and Humanity, Photo by Maya Adkins

The Harvest at 5 & Dime: Real Glimpses of Pathos and Humanity

I went to see The Harvest this weekend at the in . Its the first time I’ve seen an actual performance at the theatre’s permanent home in the past three years. They’ve always been a great, intellectually satisfying performance group, with lots of satellite shows at locations other than the theatre. I know I used to really enjoy their works in the early years of their existence and this one was absolutely wonderful. Even a level above their early wonderful programs. The theatre is neat, comfortable, completely modern, with marvelously simple elegant technical infrastructure. LED lighting systems that are silent …

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What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?, Photo by Lance Asper

What If Jacksonville Suddenly Woke Up?

Some say Jacksonville is a diamond that wants to remain coal. What would it be like if Jacksonville were a city that didn’t hate itself… led by people who acknowledged its achievements? Here are a few things that possibly would have happened in New York, Rome, London Paris, Seattle, or San Francisco if the leaders that made them into Great Cities had been given our city and history. The Southern Music Hall of Fame would be open and full to capacity somewhere in downtown. , and The Allman Brothers would have exhibits there and all the music aficionados would know …

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Hope McMath, yellow house

Yellow House Gallery on a Random Friday: Mission and Meaning in Riverside

Yellow House: Friday Night at Hope McMath’s extraordinary space I think people will look back at this era and remember as one of its most extraordinary and interesting figures. Like Bobi Johnson McGinnis or Blair Woolverton. One of the women who create an envelope of head space for other people to think and consider and refill the complex pools of their inner lives with something besides still water. They will follow her career and think ‘what a journey she made’ and marvel a little at the woman, the place, the time. I had dropped by earlier in the afternoon. I’ve …

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Alan Parsons Live Project: Legendary Sound Engineer Talks to EU Jacksonville

Saturday, April 28 at the Florida Theatre Alan Parsons’ genius as a sound engineer for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon first gained him the attention of the music world. The Grammy-award winner will perform his greatest hits “Sirius,” “Eye In The Sky,” “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You,” and more. Special guest Carl Palmer, acclaimed solo artist and legendary drummer of bands such as ASIA and Emerson Lake & Palmer, will join Parsons. Stephen Dare spoke with about his amazing career and plans for the future. Listen to full interview here: Stephen Dare: Hey, this is Stephen Dare …

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