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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns

Jaguars vs. Browns Recap

After taking a week off from my  column to enjoy family and friends during my favorite of all holidays, I am happy to report back this week and write about not one, but TWO Jaguars victories on the road. A week ago, the Jaguars won a gritty 13-6 defensive battle against the  in Houston. The win allowed the Jags to usurp the reeling Texans and match 2012’s win total as they also left behind the cellar of the  South. Suddenly road warriors, the Jags then turned around and knocked off the  32-28 in Cleveland, never an easy task in front …

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Arizona Cardinals vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars vs. Cardinals Recap

The smell of funnel cake wafted over from  and throughout  last Sunday. Like the Fair, the  slim-to-none mathematical chance of ending the season at .500 also left town that day after a 27-14 defeat at the wings of the  in what I labeled the “Shut Carson Palmer Up Bowl.” Earlier in the week, Cardinals  infuriated Jaguars fans (well, #JaguarsTwitter anyway) by taking an underhanded cheap shot at the Jags paltry attendance. By game’s end, Palmer had quieted the Teal Faithful by putting his 419 yards and 2 TDs where his mouth is. By beating up the Jaguars in Jacksonville, so-so …

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans

Jaguars vs. Titans Recap – November 10, 2013

The Good The  escaped the evil clutches of Nashville’s Flaming Thumbtack with their first win of 2013, made even sweeter against the arch foe . The final score was 29-27, and that two-point differential can be chalked up to a holding penalty in the end zone against the Titans that resulted in a two-point safety awarded to the Jaguars. The true star of the game at crunch time ended up being defensive back , who stripped the Titans quarterback with 2:32 left in the fourth quarter and then returned the ball 21 yards for a victory sealing TD. Since it …

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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers NFL International Series London Wimbley Stadium

Jaguars vs. 49ers Recap

“Panic on the Streets of London!” Those words come the song “Panic,” as written by one Stephen Patrick Morrissey, the former front man of The Smiths and famous Brit crooner known for his perpetually melancholy lyrics and celibate lifestyle. Hmm, incessantly depressing and doesn’t score—sound familiar? If the Jaguars weren’t panicked before they crossed the pond, then they certainly should be now.  were shellacked 42 – 10 in front of the Englishmen and women in another lifeless, embarrassing loss. A packed house at  watched–presumably in Halloween-embellished horror—as  laid waste to their new “home” team. Despite the pitiful outcome of the …

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jaguars vs. chargers

Jaguars vs. Chargers Recap

 electronic scoreboard/message strip read, “When You Think of Garbage, Think of Us.” The not-so-well-thought-out message was an advertisement for a waste management company, though, given the  season so far, it may as well have been the team slogan. Yes, the Jaguars were once again defeated. This time the hapless Jags were back on their home turf as they fell to the  24-6, falling to a “record” of 0-7. There was some hope that the Jaguars were improving after the , and some (including me) were making bold predictions of a sneaky Jaguars victory given that the Chargers were on a …

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Denver vs. Jacksonville

Jaguars vs. Broncos Recap

In sports, the phrase “moral victory” is tossed around loosely and far too often without any true meaning behind it. If there was ever an instance where that platitude fit perfectly, then it was in the 35 – 19 defeat at the hooves of the last Sunday. The Jaguars stepped up in a big way to show that they were willing to fight for both their literal and figurative pride. With a interception and TD return of a pass, the Jaguars were one failed two-point conversion away from entering the half tied against the best team in the AFC, down …

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