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Dining on the Shoreline: Seachasers in Jacksonville Beach

I’m always, always on the lookout for new restaurants. Just so happens that on Instagram, I came across a picture of a beautiful beachside view courtesy of Seachasers. That was all I needed to see, and if the food was good, that would be a plus. Worst case scenario: I sip on a drink and enjoy the view. Cut to now, and I’ve been to Seachasers a few times. I have to say, the view is ten times better in person. You can enjoy a panoramic of while dining, and they can even open the windows to take it to …

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South Kitchen + Spirits, fried chicken bucket, Jacksonville, Florida, Avondale, Park Street, Brian Siebenschuh, photo by Nate Mayo, nomnomjax, natedoesfood

Who Else Wants South Kitchen + Spirits? Brian Siebenschuh’s New Restuarant in Avondale

South Kitchen + Spirits is a brand-new restaurant at 3638 Park St in , opened by . Brian was super influential in my entrance into the Jacksonville food scene. Two years ago when he was at he helped me plan my first food event. It was a fundraiser brunch for about 40 people, and we used most of the proceeds to host a multi-course dinner for my culinary school class at Orsay. (On a side note, that was the first time I tried popcorn ice cream, and I remember it like it was yesterday.) Brian didn’t go to culinary school. …

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Sushi + Burrito = Kazu Sushi Burrito

A couple of years ago, I couldn’t eat raw sushi. I might as well have been a contestant Fear Factor, and you couldn’t pay me enough to eat it. Then, BOOM! My tastebuds changed. Now I can eat a raw oyster the size of a lung. Give me a fish straight out the water still flopping. I’m like an Alaskan bear at a creek catching a salmon out the water and biting its head off. With my newfound love, I recently found myself at a Michelin Star Sushi Restaurant in New York called Sushi Azabu. They fly their fish in …

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Magnolias, Photo by Kristen Penoyer, Natedoesfood, Nomnomjax, #nomnomjax, #eujaxfood, Murray Hill, Jacksonville, Florida

Let There Be Waffles! Magnolia’s in Murray Hill

It’s always a good time for waffles, and Andrea Dahlia is proof of this theory. So much so, that she just opened a waffle-based restaurant in called Magnolia’s. If the last name sounds familiar, that’s because she is the owner of Dahlia’s Pour House in as well. Originally Andrea wanted to do tacos, but she quickly realized that tacos were spoken for here in Jacksonville. Just around the corner you have your , Nacho Taco, Tijuana Flats, etc. How did this idea start? One Christmas, Andrea got a bread/waffle maker. Soon after, she started testing waffle batters and used her …

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Gilbert's Social, ramen, Photo by Kristen Ponoyer, Kenny Gilbert, EU Jacksonville, Natedoesfood, Nomnomjax, #eatupjax, #nomnomjax, #natedoesfood

Keep Calm and Eat at Gilbert’s Social

I love Gilbert’s. I hate driving. That being said, my friend Kristen and I gladly took at least eight road trips to just to eat at . That’s just how damn good it is. I’ve made an appearance there many times: whether it be for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a Yelp Elite event. , the Head Chef of , was once even nice enough to make a special, five-course menu for my birthday dinner earlier this year. So when I got word that he was opening a new restaurant in Jacksonville, my stomach lit up. It’s crazy to see how …

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HOBNOB Food+Social Exchange, HobnobJax, Photo by Kristen Penoyer, Natedoesfood, #nomnomjax, #eatupjax, nomnomjax, #natedoesfood, brooklyn

Natedoesfood: HOBNOB, One of the best brunch spots in Jacksonville

Join me for a 5-Course brunch at one of the best brunch spots in Jacksonville: .  I created a mix of some of their best items and added beef and pork lumpia. You don’t want to miss this one! WHEN: Sunday, August 28, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EDT) WHERE: HOBNOB – 220 Riverside Avenue #110, Jacksonville, FL 32202 TICKETS: $34.99 (Purchase Tickets)

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