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Black History Matters: Mural Project Brings Awareness to Jacksonville’s Historic Eastside

This article was originally published April 5, 2018 THE HOPE & HISTORY MURAL PROJECT DEBUTS AT PUBLIC ART WEEK Public Art Week, an annual event hosted by the , is an opportunity for the city to celebrate local art and to reassert the ‘public’ aspect of public art. Not only a moment to celebrate Jacksonville’s arts scene, it also invites locals to be a part of it–and not just by passive appreciation. ‘The Hope and History Mural Project,’ an initiative by the University of North Florida’s Center for Urban Education and Policy (CUEP), embodies this spirit, as a fusion of …

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Miami's Rising Tide of Climate Action, ashley-satanosky-325852-unsplash

Reality Check for Florida? Miami’s Rising Tide of Climate Action

For decades, Miami has been an international tourist destination, known for its lavish nightlife and decadent beach lifestyles. Yet lately, in popular imagination, its reputation as a perennial, sunny playground of the rich and fabulous is preceded by predictions of its imminent drowning. Therefore, it is not so surprising that Miami has joined a coalition of the willing with other major US cities to do what they can to counter the Trump administration’s belligerence towards curbing climate change. President Trump’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords has only accelerated this trend and cities are increasingly taking climate policy into their …

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MOCA Jacksonville, Drowning World, © GIDEON MENDEL, Georgia Winegart, San Marco neighbourhood, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, September 2017. C-print, 27 ½ 27 ½ inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Drowning World at MOCA: Photographer Gideon Mendel Captures Hurricane Irma’s Aftermath in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) will be hosting Drowning World from world-renowned photographer Gideon Mendel. The series features photographs he’s captured from around the world of floods and the people affected by them, including some from locals in Jacksonville and Middleburg after Hurricane Irma hit the First Coast, which he did as part of his winning the Jury Prize of the 2016 Greenpeace Photo Awards. I spoke to him to learn more about his work and his hopes for the reception of the exhibition. What led you to this photo series? Why did you choose flooding? The project emerged …

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Eating Animals, IFC Films

Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals” Comes to Sun-Ray Cinema in 5 Points

In the past ten years, the way we think about food in the US has changed. Today the term ‘foodie,’ need not be explained, farmer’s markets are almost passe again, and vegan options are standard at modern restaurants. Yet has the way we make food changed at all in that time? People’s diets are sacred to them. The what, where, when, how, and who you eat is a very personal thing. The ability to choose what one puts into their body feels like fundamental aspect of free will and ability to act on one’s preferences. Yet the process to get …

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EUMixtapes Jacksonville, Florida

#EUMixtapes 2: The Election Mix

  The Election Mix With Election Day a mere 8 days away, we’ve got a mix to get you in that ‘fulfilling-my-civic-duty-in-a-functioning-democracy’ kind of mood! As a kind of history of this election cycle’s highs and lows, this mix will pay homage to everything from to the Trump tape, Clinton’s emails, dismantling President Bill Clinton’s legacy, feelin’ the Bern, to having the first female candidate of a major US political party. This playlist is best enjoyed either while reading your sample ballot, on your way to your voting station, or celebrating on November 9 that this hell is finally over. …

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Humpty Dumpty “Weiner” Took A Great Fall

OPENS: JUNE 17 RUNNING TIME: 96 MINUTES RATED: R VENUE: SUN-RAY CINEMA Today, there is no shortage of media coverage of the incredulousness of modern day American politicians. Nearly getting as much attention as the gossip of Hollywood, the coverage of Washington’s playmakers is pervasive. TV, social media, newspapers, magazines, and sometimes even the movies. Which brings us to Weiner. The documentary about one of the wildest American politicians with both a name and a story you surely haven’t already forgotten. Weiner is a documentary following the life of former US Congressman Anthony Weiner from his rise in popularity in …

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For anyone who is interested in the future of the city, the northern stretch of the Riverwalk and its adjacent Riverside Avenue, recently dubbed the Riverside Corridor, is an important piece of Jacksonville to watch. Not only is it bringing innovative cultural, health, environmental, and educational improvements to our center, it is also showing the city a new form of community development. Attracting serious plans for new buildings and renovations, this area has been quite successful in grabbing the attention needed to unite a wide variety of players from across the city. Unity Plaza One of the major pieces of …

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