Morgan Bates

Magic Giant: A Magical Musical Awakening

There is a real sense of magic in the power that music has over so many of our hearts. Beating to the beat of their own drums, the inspirational, fun, and energetic trio Magic Giant will share that magic with you as their music lifts your spirit to a level so euphoric that your heart and ears could have never imagined existed. Their lyrics will speak to you as if they were read to you from a crystal ball, and they will blow your mind as they enchant each instrument you put in front of them! Friday May 11th, the …

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Forget Regrets! Being ‘Hungover’ Is The Cure Your Ears Have Been Waiting For

Interview with Marc Cortes As embarrassing as it is, I am no stranger to the effects of a wicked hangover. Whether it be an emotional headache or the need for blackout curtains due to too many beers on a girl night out. I also know that while contemplating every life decision you’ve ever made including that last lemon drop the night before, the hurt of that hangover can painfully open your eyes up to the harsh light of the real world. Something that the right powerful story and relate-able music has to power to reveal better than aspirin ever could. So …

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Tales of Home, Folklore, & “Fire Dreams” with J.D. Wilkes

Fire Dream Out Now! Interview with J.D Wilkes Everyone loves a good story. From “Once upon a time” to the ups and downs of a character’s journey to the either tragic ending or happily ever after, what makes a good story is the way the author or creator executes the tale. Whether it be a story of folklore or of the everyday person, each of us has as story to tell. Today, one of the most interesting storytellers of our time J.D. Wilkes is releasing a solo album titled “Fire Dream” and making a stop at Jacksonville’s next Saturday February …

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Getting Down, Moving Forward & Letting Loose With Less Than Jake!

Interview with Vinnie Fiorello of Less Than Jake Ska-Punk legends Less Than Jake are hitting the stage and bringing some seriously great tunes, electrifying energy, and good times to Jacksonville! After chatting with drummer about what it takes to remain a band for 25 years, their most recent EP “Sound The Alarm,” and what to expect out of a live Less Than Jake experience, I am ready to let loose and have a great time! It’s not too late for you to join in on the fun! Grab your tickets and get out to for an adventure you won’t soon …

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Moyamoya: A Musical Cure For The Common “Noise”

AN INTERVIEW WITH BRENNAN HAMILL OF MOYAMOYA “I Heart Jet Noise” Single Release 10/2/17 Cassette Release at Raindogs 10/19/17 I don’t know about you but, when I am filtering through the common “noise” blaring through the speakers of today’s radio, I find myself bouncing from station to station searching for something new, vibrant, and unique. Most days I typically call it quits and end up on Youtube or Spotify listening to something I am sure won’t make my ears bleed. I know that there are many of you out there that feel the same from time to time. So for those …

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Not Just Another Festival, Voodoo Is The Music Ritual

Voodoo Festival Comes to City Park in New Orleans on Halloween Weekend, Oct 27-29 I don’t know about you, but for me Halloween is always such a fun and exciting time of year. Fall is in the air, there are pumpkin patches and carving contests, costume parties, and tricks and of course treats! All of the excitement and mystery that October holds is thrilling. However, there are those of us who want more than the Monster Mash or those cheesy Halloween screams playing through our speakers. We who dare to take the scare elsewhere, pack up our costumes, load up our tricks and our treats …

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World Suicide Prevention Day: Elizabeth Wilder Discusses ‘To Write Love On Her Arms’ Project

LOVE IS THE MOVEMENT Growing up my Mom always expressed to both my sister and me that kindness is a way of life and I had always heard the expression “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind.” Today, on this special day of awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day (9/10,) this expression holds a deeper meaning and carries more weight than just a simple phrase. Over the years the suicides of famous musicians and actors who seemed to have it all have taken over the news, while social media has allowed for a …

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Limelight Putnam County Spelling Bee, St. Augustine, Florida

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is cheerful, humorous, and B-U-Z-Z worthy entertainment the whole family will enjoy!

Limelight Theatre, July 21st – August 20th For tickets, & more information: Running Time: One hour and 45 minutes with intermission This was my first time attending a show at the in and I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The atmosphere intimate and quaint as the room was full of conversation over flutes of champagne and excitement for the show. When the time came I made my way to Row C Seat 7 taking in all of my surroundings waiting for the show to begin. The buzz escalated as executive director kicked off the evening by welcoming the crowd and …

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It’s Starting To Sound A Lot Like Summer! An Interview with Micah of Iration

I don’t have a single summer feel good playlist that doesn’t include the positive and fun vibes Iration sends through the speakers. It could be the dead of winter and Iration’s tunes make the air smell of summertime. I never in a million years thought that I would get the chance to chat with lead singer ! But, when given the chance I certainly jumped at the opportunity. We talked about how far has come, what’s new and in the works for the band, some of the guy’s favorite summer activities, and of course their excitement to come to the …

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Reel Big Fish, St Augustine Amphitheater, Florida

Reel Big Fish “The Beer Run” With Guests The Expendables & More

Normally when you tell your friends you are heading out on a “Beer Run,” the run would typically include a few tunes in the car, picking up the brew, and heading back to the party. But, with the help of , ,  , and included on one of the most adventurous, memorable, and exciting “Beer Runs” I’ve ever been a part of! Since it had been raining all day, the event was moved from the backyard stage to inside the  itself. Walking down the stairs you could see the crowd hanging out, sipping beers from the beer tents, playing giant …

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