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Southbank Riverwalk Improvements, Photo by Fran Ruchalski

A New Look for the Southbank Riverwalk

If you haven’t been to the Southbank Riverwalk in a while, it’s time to go back. The bright blue bricks in shades of aqua, teal, and baby blue may be your first indication that something has changed. That’s because the has just completed an 18-month, $17 million renovation project to make the area more pedestrian, bike, and family-friendly for the people of Jacksonville. In addition to the bricks, the walkway is wider and lined with benches for lounging, shady canopies for sunny days, and improved lighting to make nighttime strolling more safe and comfortable. At its center, the Naval Memorial …

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FREE PARKING – Centuries of History in Ortega’s Parks

  The is known for its giant oak trees, waterfront views, and historic homes. Nestled between the St. Johns and Ortega rivers, the area was designated as a US historic district in 2004. The peninsula is a mostly residential area with abundant green spaces and a wealth of parks. On any given weekend, you can see Ortega residents and tourists riding bikes, tossing a frisbee, walking their dogs, or playing flag football in one of these green spaces: 4021 Ortega Blvd A gilded iron entryway introduces this park, named after , president of the Ortega Company and the resident responsible …

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Big Smiles For Ortega Landmark – Old Carter’s Pharmacy

Ask any resident about , and you’ll get a big smile. That’s because it’s been a part of the local landscape for decades. Tucked away in Old Ortega, on Corinthian Avenue off Ortega Blvd, this old-fashioned pharmacy and lunch counter has been catering to the neighborhood for sixty years. , a longtime Ortega resident, has fond memories of Carter’s growing up. “It was the real center of everything,” he says. More than just a pharmacy, the store boasted a traditional soda fountain and lunch counter (and still does today), and also played the role of bank and post office in …

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Florida Yacht Club

Timuquana Country Club and the Florida Yacht Club: History of Ortega’s Private Clubs

Golf Clubs & Mainsails – Ortega’s Private Clubs In the early days of the 20th century, Jacksonville was a social and cultural hotspot. With a flourishing silent film industry and a warm climate, the city attracted wealthy families from all over the country for social events and recreational activities during the winter months. For these visitors, was ideally located, surrounded by water and an oasis from the hustle and bustle of downtown. It’s no surprise that two of the city’s oldest institutions, the and , opened during this time. The oldest of these, the Florida Yacht Club, was founded in …

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A New Direction for Jax Rocker Peter Mosely

Peter Mosely is used to the rowdy crowds and smoky bars of the pop punk scene. As bassist in the alt-rock band from 2002 – 2008, and more recently as lead vocalist, guitarist, and piano player for the indie rock group (their latest album, “Redefine” dropped last December), he’s performed for fans all over the country. But when he takes the stage at  on March 29, the audience can expect to hear something…different. “I’ve been told my original music has a jazzy, show tunes flavor to it,” he explains. He’s titled his show “The New American Songbook” as a throwback …

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Canary In The Coalmine – album release “WHO FEARS THE DEVIL?”

Vibrant, Pensive, and Moody – This Canary Sings Event: Canary in the Coalmine Album Release Venue: Underbelly Date: March 27 at 8pm Contact: www.underbellylive.com Tickets: $5 When you ask Jacksonville songwriter how the band  came together, she laughs, “it’s kind of a funny story”. In 2009, Pounds was in Asheville, North Carolina, when she crossed paths with singer and songwriter . “We were both busking – playing on street corners and in public parks – and kept passing each other. Eventually we stopped to talk, and realized we had a lot in common”, says Pounds. The two women shared mutual …

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