Mallory Pace

Friends and family knew Mallory Pace would become a writer when she wrote and illustrated a hand-made children’s book in the third grade for her class to read. It didn’t indicate a prodigy-in-the-making, but all the elements of a good storyline were there, waiting to be improved. Now, Mallory is about to graduate from the University of North Florida with a multimedia journalism degree and minors in political science and marketing, with which she hopes to continue storytelling and exploring avenues of multimedia journalism. In Mallory's free time, you’ll either find her taking her cat, Peter, on a walk via stroller, or galavanting around the beaches.

Desire for Doom: Why do we like to feel frightened?

Words by Mallory Pace   The tradition of Halloween is, objectively, a weird one. When October rolls around, we decorate our homes with skeletons, cobwebs, ghosts and no one bats an eye … get it? We walk through haunted houses fully aware there’s someone dressed in a terrifying costume waiting around every corner to jump out. Despite knowing none of it’s real and there’s no actual danger awaiting us, we still scream and run out of genuine fear. Even outside of Halloween, we watch disturbing horror movies and murder-packed TV shows that fill our insides with anxiety and disgust. Pondering …

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The Beautiful Nuance of Fall in Florida

  Words by Mallory Pace   As a Florida native, I know exactly two seasons: summer and not-summer. Hot air, high humidity and a blazing sun are what Floridians know for most months of the year. But each year, around September or October, one day you go outside and it feels … different. There are no leaves on the ground indicating a season change, and it’s certainly not cold enough for a jacket, but in the subtle smell of the wind and in the brisk taste of the breeze, you might find the beginning of fall in Florida.   Like …

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I Tried a ‘Dopamine Detox’: Here’s What I Discovered

I Tried a ‘Dopamine Detox’: Here’s What I Discovered Mallory Pace   You know that feeling you get when you check everything off your to-do list, or when you finish an intense workout that you initially dreaded? No? Me either. What about that feeling you get after swiping your credit card for a new shirt you definitely don’t need, or when you lie in bed to scroll on social media after a long day? Yeah, you know that feeling — that’s dopamine being released in your brain, sending a warm, fuzzy feeling through your body and making you want to …

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