Kristi Lee Schatz

BROOKLYN health and wellness at Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza: Wellness for Brooklyn Neighborhood

Neighborhood  Wellness department is spearheading a movement to bring year-round events, as well as daily activities, to address the root cause of our health and wellness concerns. By bringing these personal development resources to the forefront of our community, we hope to help shift the health paradigm from a reactive care model to a more preventative and whole-person focused system. Unity Plaza’s custom-designed programming will feature the best of evidence-based practices in health and wellness, alongside cutting-edge programs that challenge the current perception of possibilities. These are the four pillars we use to design programming: MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT This …

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Art of Living Well – July 2014

Using Art, Poetry, and Yoga to Change Student Behavior Do you consider yourself an agent of change? Do you stand up, speak out, and often go against the norm in order to have a positive impact on the community? If we wish to cultivate a thriving community, each of us must be willing to show up and play our part. In some cases, that requires thinking outside of the box in order to explore alternative options when our current system is no longer effective. That is precisely what one local non-profit is choosing to do. , Inc. is a 501(c)(3) …

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creators at one spark – a transformation

One Spark is in the air and so is TRANSFORMATION! This 5-day, crowdfunding festival may appear to be a capital-raising event on the surface, but it is much more. Underneath looms a powerful movement for personal transformation that is inspiring the next generation of leaders to rise up, dream big, and ‘be the change they seek for the world.’ Have you ever been in the presence of someone who was fully in their bliss and glowing around the edges? It was as if they could take on the world and move mountains through sheer will and determination. This is what …

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Art of Living Well – Your Life on Autopilot

What if you could respond differently to challenging situations? If you no longer had to feel impatient in a slow check-out line, or get angry when your boss is rude to you? We’ve all had those moments of intense reaction; it’s just part of being alive. But, where do those automatic responses come from, and can they be changed? Whether you like it or not, the majority of your life is controlled by habitual responses. Many of these response patterns are extremely adaptive, like walking, eating and driving. They require little attention because the process is committed to memory. That’s …

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