Kale Boucher

A discussion with artist Morgan Goldsmith about her exhibition at Florida Mining Gallery

Creation is second nature to Naples-based artist Morgan Goldsmith. Having grown up in a family of artists and builders, she feels drawn to repurpose the materials available to her to communicate her experiences through the physical construction and deconstruction of visual artwork. This mentality is sure to pass down to her own children as she allows them to collaborate with her in this process. A majority of Goldsmith’s pieces begin as blank paper scattered on the floor or taped low on the wall—within little arm’s reach—inviting her children to create with her. She then combines and collages with a keen …

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The Urban Divide

Popular Riverside coffee shop and cafe being uprooted If you’re tapped into Riverside happenings, you’ve probably come across Instagram posts regarding Southern Roots and their probable relocation. There’s been a lot of noise online, so we’re hoping to help clear up the facts and give a voice to all sides of the matter. Here’s the rundown Mariah Goetz Salvat and her husband Juan Pablo “JP” Salvat, owners of Southern Roots Filling Station, a local vegan coffee shop serving breakfast and lunch, set up shop at their current King Street location in 2014. In 2016, they expanded into the space next …

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It’s My Body and I’ll Do What I Want To

Content warning: This is a story about abortion. It includes descriptions of medical procedures. *I am in no way encouraging the procedures described in this piece, nor am I condoning self-administered medical care in general.* Let’s take a step back to the 1960s, a pre-Roe v. Wade era. Abortion is illegal in 30 states, legal only under specific circumstances in the 20 others. Difficult to imagine a time like that, huh? Carol Downer, mother of six and Los Angeles resident, starts hearing of protests. This is the second-wave feminist movement, focused heavily on reproductive rights. She learns of the pushback …

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