Kalee Ball

Rebecca Levy, Photo by Trib La Prade

Rebecca Levy to Explore the Body at Jacksonville Dance Theatre’s Annual Concert May 11

Creative Spaces There’s a magic about dance that exists in the moment that it’s seen. It can be recorded or performed again, but it’s not the same as seeing it for the first time. Rebecca Levy is drawn, as other dancers have been before her, to this kinetic magic within the grandeur of the theatre. Nine years ago, Levy was a transplant looking for her place in the dance scene. As a dance professor at FSCJ, she noticed an abundance of talented dancers and solid dance programs, but no way to advance into the professional sphere without moving to a …

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GOOD WOMEN: A Look Into St. Augustine Based Artist Jenna Alexander’s Creative Space

“Here’s to good women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” The mantra that hung in Jenna Alexander’s bathroom throughout her childhood has never left her. It was her inspiration for her newest series, Stripes and Buns. She wanted to know what made a good woman. Flipping through her 260-page book, you find out. “Their words tell more of a story than their pictures,” she says. Alexander, a St. Augustine based artist, photographed over 200 women in striped shirts and buns. They are authentic photographs, symbolizing a hardworking woman. Out of the 200 photographs, she …

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Flying +SoLo in Five Points

It’s a Wednesday night in the heart of Riverside. You’re looking for something to do, but don’t want to go to a bar. You want to experience something new. Where do you go? Head to at 1037 Park Street, where you can enjoy a mind-bending set for as little as $10, with all of the proceeds going back to the musicians. +SoLo is the space between the bustling sausage-eating joint of and the breezy bar upstairs. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the space opens to a few people who are ready to hear something new, exciting, and different. Until January …

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Rob Middleton, RMiddleton, Haskell Gallery,Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission A Bold + Beautiful Abstractions, Photo from Jen Jones

Jacksonville International Airport Arts Commission: Abstraction — Bold + Beautiful

ROB MIDDLETON, CYNTHIA WALBURN, & STEPHANIE CAFCULES Abstract art is made for emotion. It’s open and free, a democratic form made for the artist to interpret their feelings and for the viewer to interpret from there. It makes the viewer question what it represents, if anything at all. It’s a surprising art form, and sometimes the most surprising thing about it is where it’s located. The Haskell Gallery, located in the pre-security, has been housing art for over 20 years. Its newest addition is Abstraction: Bold + Beautiful, showcasing abstract works by three local artists. “This show is one of …

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