Jon Bosworth

El Galeon at Sunrise in St. Augustine, An Insider's Guide to St. Augustine, photo by Stacey Sather

An Insider’s Guide to St. Augustine, Florida

SO THIS IS WHAT THE LOCALS KNOW Around St. Augustine you’ll see bumper stickers that call us “a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem.” That’s cute and all, but the truth is living in is not as charming as outsiders think. Trolleys are constantly in your way, the whole place smells like horse piss, and sometimes when you live here you feel like you live in Disney World. There are always more tourists than locals. But a New St. Augustine is rising. The abandoned and forgotten Lincolnville neighborhood in Downtown’s backyard is being rejuvenated by hipsters, and it’s starting …

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Way Down Upon…The Florida Folk Festival – May 22-24

The Real Florida Doesn’t Usually Make Headlines What: Florida Folk Festival When: May 22 – 24, 2015 (Memorial Day Weekend) Where: Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center in White Springs, FL Info: The on the in has been the home of the for 62 years. Since it’s beginning in 1952, it has maintained a distinct trajectory from many folk music festivals in the state by focusing the cultures and stories that inspire and drive the incredible music that Floridians have made over the generations. The Florida Folk Festival isn’t just about folk music, it’s about traditional Florida cultures. has played …

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Collective Con 2015

The Rash of Con – Collective Con Lands at Fairgrounds

Collective Con Brings Nationally Trending Nerd Culture to Jacksonville Nerd culture conventions are not just the fodder of late night talk show jokes anymore. The days of convention attendants being mocked for not having girlfriends is a thing of the past. In the last 5 years, the larger conventions, like San Diego’s famous , have grown so popular, you have to buy your tickets almost a year in advance or it’ll sellout before you even know what character you intend to go as.  in Atlanta has proven that this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to the west coast. Recently, Orlando’s  has even …

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scribble in stetson kennedy

“I ain’t the world’s best writer, ain’t the world’s best speller, but when I believe in somethin’ I’m the loudest yeller. If we fix it so we can’t make no money off war, well then we’ll all forget what we was killin’ folks for.. this made the man for me.” wrote these lyrics when Stetson Kennedy decided to run for public office in 1950 on a “Total Equality” ticket. You may remember Woody Guthrie from such classics as ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and myriad other folk songs from the 30s through the 50s. He wrote this particular lyric when …

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