Faith Bennett

Little Books new album, Bridges and Empires set to release in May

Little Books is a two piece folk outfit made from  of  and  of . The two met at a house show in Arlington and eventually started making music together. Little Books’ new album, Bridges and Empires, is set to release in May. EU: What is the story behind the band name? Robin: We both always have multiple little journals. We have miniature little libraries. It just kind of stuck at one point. EU: [To Robin] Your other band, Four Families, also had an album release on March 1. What is it like to release the albums in such short timing? …

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Conor Oberst Just Wants To Play Music

 has long been a fixture in indie rock, having started recording at thirteen years old and going onto musical acts like Commander Venus and Park Ave, before finally beginning the indie cornerstone that would be Bright Eyes in 1995. With his first show at the , Oberst will no doubt be fulfilling teenage dreams, mostly from an adult audience. The only time I saw Conor Oberst perform was with  at the Social in Orlando last year. It was thrilling to see a band that broke up in 2002, whose music so many in the crowd had grown up with. In …

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Woven In Self titled EP

 is such a solid fixture in the Jacksonville music scene that it’s easy to forget she wasn’t born here and hard to accept that she’ll be leaving. With , the latest and most personal of her numerous bands, Johnson is making waves worth catching before she she leaves, and even with her busy schedule she was gracious enough to talk about it at length with EU. Johnson says she started playing violin in middle school, but it was TV networks like  and  exposing her to bands such as  which really got her interested in making music of her own. She …

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