Erin Tuzuner

Slip and Slide into Summer… Reading

Employing anachronistic speech, the mercury is rising (even while it’s retrograde). We remember why we live around bodies of water separated by concrete and prefabricated homes. Also, it’s time to grab a book en route to a vacation destination, which can also be a staycation in Ponte Vedra. Whether your reading habits are dictated by the New York Times, a podcast, or whatever you see during a layover waiting for the Chili’s To Go to open so you can begin your vacation with two-for-ones 30,000 miles up, the summer is the perfect time to devote to reading. ’s  sounds like …

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Beloved Books on the Big Screen

Florida is known for many things, mostly football and horrific news stories that cannot be blamed on heat and illiteracy alone. The is offering a reprieve from the Floridian madness in the form of a film series. Every Tuesday beginning on June 14th, the Main Library will be hosting films all summer long in the Hicks Auditorium. As with all library programming, these events are free and open to the public. While all the film selections are adaptations of novels, there is still diversity in tone to ensure that at least one offering will be of interest. Thematically, the films …

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100 Days for LGBcuTies

@100DaysForLGBcuTies: Illustrating Empathy

The project @100daysforlgbcuties is the delightful work of and that illustrates the folks who have participated in the HRO expansion and discussion. Residing in Duval county has afforded the LGBTQIA community with the challenges of an ongoing and now stagnant HRO conversation. As such, members of the city at large have found numerous avenues to educate, inspire, and combat the disappointing decision issued by Mayor Lenny Curry. There’s a playful and casual affection infused into the@100daysforlgbcuties project that serves to humanize those affected by this contentious HRO with a colorful design and brief biographies. While currently relegated to the sphere …

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Expounding the Pavement with Heartbeat of the Bold City Founder Jessica Pounds

A little over 100 years ago, downtown Jacksonville was on fire. Now we use that teachable moment as an advertising campaign to implore residents of our geographically expansive community to venture downtown and breathe in the culture. has been instrumental (forgive the inevitable musician pun) in the application of physical presence, cooperative engagement, and creative solutions to proliferate participation in the arts for Jacksonville residents. Social media is crucial to manage and maintain interests in an environment where oversaturation barely laps the shores of our consciousness. Global concerns, work obligations, lunch; social media can be a calendar, promoter, oracle in …

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