Austin Lindner

Fit For Rivals – home again at Jack Rabbits

When rock vocalist  met musician  while living in Jacksonville, she was simply looking for a guitarist to fill an empty spot in her punk band, . But instead of continuing in the punk music genre, the two began to form their own unique sound and songwriting style that has since led to the creation of their alternative rock band, . Since the release of the band’s debut album “Steady Damage” in 2009, the band has collected a large audience of devoted fans across the country. On August 9th, they played a hometown show at the Jack Rabbits venue in the …

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Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

Grade: A Robocop + Groundhog’s Day= Surprisingly epic entertainment Not often does the hero of an action film die within the first twenty minutes of the movie. By the twenty minute mark of ’s , the main character has died a hundred times. The film features  as Major William Cage, the US military’s head of media relations during the apocalyptic wars following an alien invasion in the near future. Cage is a “professional inspirer”, expertly working TV and press events to recruit soldiers for the desperate and depleting army. Unfortunately, due to a regrettable train of events, Cage is labeled …

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