Andrea Torres

Nerdites, Kyle Willis, Fan Lexicon, EU Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville’s Fan Lexicon unites nerds of all ages

Jacksonville’s started on Friday, August, 19, 2016 at the Lexington Hotel. This three day event was full of cosplay, karaoke, Pokemon Go events and more. People who travel all over the East Coast, and even those who reside in Orlando made their way to Lexicon to sell their items or to simply indulge in all that Lexicon has to offer. The anime room, filled with Sailor Moon cosplayers, consisted of karaoke and different booths. The fun and light vibes motivated anyone to simply let go of their shyness and join the group. Vendors spread throughout Lexicon were there with original …

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“NERVE” Are you a Watcher or a Player?

Release Date: July 27, 2016 Game Time: 1 hour and 36 minutes Rated PG-13 Grade: B Directed By: Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman    In a world run by apps and social media, , directed by Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman, releases at the appropriate time to warn young viewers the dangers and consequences of interactive social media and the internet.   Venus “Vee” Delmonico () is a shy, keeps to herself high school senio facing the biggest decision of her life: what college to attend. Her heart is set on California Institute for the Arts but, coming from a low …

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Wiener Dog – a confusing film that isn’t really about dogs

At first glance, Wiener Dog is nothing more but a string of four episodes linked by one female dachshund. There seems to be no rising action, climax, no character or dramatic arc that usually structures a movie. But after sitting down and thinking about what this film could possibly mean, I came to find that tragedy is the common theme in all four episodes. While the movie’s main character is the dog, whose name is changed all four times, the story lies between the owners she ends up with. Each one is at a different stage in their life, but …

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a little Hart and a big Johnson “CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE”

Release Date: June 17, 2016 Running Time: 1 hour and 54 minutes Rated PG-13 Grade: B Central Intelligence, starring Dwayne (The Rock)  Johnson as Robbie Weirdicht (Bob Stone), and Kevin Hart as Calvin Joyner follows the story of high school bullies, secrets, and a ton of suspicion. Central Intelligence focuses on the importance of trust, bringing viewers a beautiful balance of comedy, action, suspense, and mystery. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber,  well known for directing Dodgeball (2004) and We’re The Millers (2013) does a great job of addressing social issues through carefully picked stylistic choices. An example of this was addressing …

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