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Died April 15, 1132 Steele Court

Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department personnel responding to a fire found the body of Stephens, 53, and notified police. Darrius Jones, 33, and Keisha Love, 25, were arrested a month later and charged with his murder. Police say Love had recently moved into Stephens’ home. On the night of the killing, she and Jones, her boyfriend and the father of her child, allegedly beat, stabbed and shot him, then stole his wallet and car and went to a Walgreens to buy baby formula and wipes. They tried to use Stephens’ credit card but it was rejected, police say, so they paid cash. They then went to an acquaintance’s home, where their baby was staying, and dropped off the items. Police say the two went back to Stephens’ house and set the blaze. The acquaintance tipped off the cops.

Died April 15, 9075 Fourth Ave.

Students heading to a bus stop found 17-year-old Brooks’ body next to a residence. Later, neighbors told police they’d heard gunshots at about 9:30 the night before, though police say they don’t know if those gunshots are related to Brooks’ death. No additional details have been released.

Died April 17, 7400 Bruce St.

Police say Lawley, 37, was trying to break into a home when the owner shot him. He was found dead in the street. The cops deemed the shooting justified.

Died April 19, 2850 Coachman Lakes Drive

According to police, a fight at a house party forced many of the more than 100 revelers onto the street. Police found 19-year-old Johnson’s body in the road, shot to death. No arrests have been made.

Died April 22, 3103 Fitzgerald St.

An officer responding to a report of gunshots found Dozier, 33, dead and another man wounded. The cops don’t know if the shots were fired inside or outside, and no suspects have been identified.

Died April 23, 9127 Castle Blvd.

An argument on Facebook allegedly led Virginia Wyche to shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach, killing her fetus. Wyche, 35, was arrested and charged with murder. Police say the pregnant woman, 23-year-old Markeisha Brooks, went to Wyche’s home to discuss the online quarrel; things got physical and Wyche shot her. Wyche’s family has claimed that she acted in self-defense.

Died April 24, 6152 Catawissa Court

Firefighters found Walker’s body after a fire. Walker, 35, whose boyfriend also lived in the mobile home at this address, had reportedly just gotten out of jail. A neighbor said he heard several explosions and went outside to see the home on fire. JSO provided no additional information on this case.

Died April 28, 10187 Beam St.

Morris, 24, was found lying on the ground. He had a pulse, but later died. Police say he was shot in the head in front of his girlfriend. This shooting was later ruled a justifiable homicide*. JSO provided no further details on this case.

Died April 29, 1412 Sixth St. W.

Hoover, 37, was shot and killed while he was a passenger in a car being driven by a woman who also was wounded when several people fired into the vehicle. No arrests have been made.

Died April 30, 7400 Park City Drive

Police say Smith, 29, and Kenny Conyers, 28, were arguing about living arrangements at a house on West Loveland Pass Drive when he stunned her with a Taser several times, then stabbed her. Smith’s sister, Tamiko Renee Smith, 38, and Conyers allegedly put her body in the trunk of a car and dumped her body in a ditch, where pedestrians found her on May 2. Conyers was charged with murder. Tamiko Smith was charged with helping dispose of the body.
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I did a quick count of what the cause of the murders were in this article. I found that a gun was used in 66% of these murders. In most cases, except for the police shootings and two home invasions, people used a gun to kill another person not to mention seriously injure others, and devastate a family. We know that more gun do NOT reduce crime, deaths or make us safer. The fact is that here in America there are more guns and more gun deaths per capita than any other nation in the world. (see web site below)

Is this really what we want as a civilized society? Do we want to allow society to be overflowing with guns? Which right is more important ? The right to own a gun or the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I say it is time to make a choice. We cannot have both. Wednesday, June 18, 2014|Report this