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December From the Publisher
This is not a post about texting and driving, but ride with me for a …
the flog
Oh Captain, My Captain
Von Barlow set the bar high for three generations of jazz musicians
the flog
Socks & Undies
Guerrilla comedian Elvis Mujić tours for a cause

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February From the Publisher

There will always be light

The Clay County Fair is back

With new precautions in place, the fair will kick off April 1.

Can You Pickle That?

Pickle Ball has landed on the East Coast, and it's a pretty big Dill.

Conquer the Divide

Could deconsolidation unify Jacksonville?

(The) Sex (Industry) Sells

The clothes you wear more closely resemble a stripper than the Queen. Own up to it.

A New Perspective for the Cummer

Andrea Brownlee will bring a focus on expanding and preserving the iconic Jacksonville museum.