Your new podcast of the summer

Words by Emily Cheyne


Podcasting has been around for awhile, but in the past few years, it has grown a lot in popularity. With podcasts being audio focused, it is an easier medium for the average person to access. But with any popular media, it can be super overwhelming trying to find something authentic with everything that is now out there. This is where finding a few podcasts that speak to you is crucial. Podcasts can be listened to on just about any platform, and there are so many different types out there, spanning countless topics. 


Wayne McCarty, one of the hosts of the podcast Florida Men on Florida Man (FMOFM), said the appeal of podcasts is that people want to be a part of a conversation. “It allows people to feel like they are in the room, they’re having these conversations with people,” McCarty commented. Most other media is fully scripted, where podcasts rely on the connection between the hosts, guests and listeners.


Each episode of the FMOFM podcast focuses on Florida’s history while telling the crazy yet true stories that come out of the Sunshine State and is hosted by McCarty and Josh Mills. The podcast was created about six years ago when the two wanted to stay in touch after touring together as a band for 15 years. They cover Florida news, headlines and history all while spending time with each other. They are partnered with the state as the “Official Florida Man Podcast” and have become the largest Florida-themed podcast in the world. 


As an avid comedy podcast listener, I can always appreciate when I am able to learn and laugh along with it. Florida truly seems like a different culture at times, and this is a way to learn about it in all its glory. The most recent episode I listened to was about the war between Florida field ants and the slave raider ants, very interesting and odd. So, if you need something new to listen to on your commute to work or long summer days at the beach, I highly recommend this podcast. New episodes can be heard every Wednesday. 


About Emily Cheyne

Emily Cheyne is a student at UNF majoring in Communication with a focus in multimedia journalism. Having a passion for music, she aspires to work in the music industry after graduation as a writer. Outside of work she enjoys going to local shows, thrifting, and reading.