In The Name of Love

Question #1 

I recently started dating a really great guy but I have not agreed to get exclusive for one reason… he has terrible manners at the dinner table.  I’ve tried to get over it, but am I being petty?  I just can’t imagine myself watching him chew with his mouth open for my entire life.  Should I move on or risk ruining the good time we are having by telling him? 



First off, let’s commend you for recognizing your worth and for being in tune with what you need in a partner. Self-love is about knowing your boundaries and having the courage to stand by them. So kudos to you for not settling! 

Now, let’s talk about your dining dilemma. Manners might seem trivial to some, but they’re actually quite significant. They reflect one’s upbringing, respect for others, and self-awareness. Watching someone chew with their mouth open can be a major turn-off, and it’s perfectly valid to feel that way. You’re not being petty; you’re acknowledging what disrupts your sense of comfort and pleasure—an essential part of any healthy relationship. 

However, the beauty of relationships lies in communication. If this guy truly is as great as you say, a gentle conversation might be all it takes to resolve this issue. The key is to approach the topic with kindness and humor. Maybe frame it as a light-hearted observation rather than a stern critique. For instance, “I’ve noticed you really enjoy your food, but it would mean a lot to me if you could keep your mouth closed while chewing. It helps me enjoy our meals together even more.” 

If he’s the right person for you, he’ll appreciate your honesty and make an effort to improve. If he dismisses your feelings or gets defensive, then it’s a sign that he might not be the considerate partner you deserve. 

Ultimately, trust your instincts. Prioritize your peace and happiness. Love is about growing together, and sometimes that means addressing the small stuff to build a stronger, more fulfilling bond. 

With love and confidence, Amy Love 





Question #2 

I am a widow of five years, and I think I want to get back out there and maybe start dating but I don’t want to do a typical dating app.  I don’t drink so I don’t go to bars, and I am not a church person either.  Any tips on how I should get started?  PS:  I am a 40- year-old straight female with two teenage children. 


Dear Adventurous Heart, 

First, let’s celebrate your courage and readiness to open your heart again. It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about re-entering the dating world, especially when the usual routes — dating apps, bars, and church groups — don’t resonate with you. But fear not! There are wonderful alternatives that align perfectly with your lifestyle and values. 

Let me introduce you to a delightful option: Honey and Flame Matchmaking. This service is tailored for individuals like you who are seeking meaningful connections and a fresh start in their second act. Honey and Flame offers a personalized, hands-on approach to dating, ensuring you meet qualified individuals who have been carefully vetted through background checks. This way, you can focus on genuine compatibility and shared values without the usual guesswork. 

Why choose Honey and Flame? Well, their bespoke matchmaking service goes beyond the surface, digging into the qualities that matter most to you. Whether it’s a passion for the arts, a love of the outdoors, or a desire for intellectual stimulation, Honey and Flame matches you with individuals who share your interests and lifestyle. Plus, their expert matchmakers are dedicated to understanding your unique journey and aspirations, ensuring each match is thoughtfully considered. Did I mention I am a matchmaker there??? 

Starting with Honey and Flame means you’ll bypass the noise and potential pitfalls of traditional dating apps. Instead, you’ll embark on a journey curated specifically for you, fostering connections that have the potential to grow into something beautiful and lasting. 

Remember, stepping back into the dating world is an act of self-love and bravery. Trust in the process, stay open to new experiences, and most importantly, honor your journey and your worth. 

With heart and hope, Amy Love