May Print Horoscopes

Words by Ambar & Carmen



It’s going to be another bumpy ride this month, Aries. With the sun in Gemini, you will be faced with some game-time decisions that you might not be prepared for. Trust your intuition. You may feel uncomfortable throughout the month, but that’s the only way to grow.



With the sun in Gemini, this month is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and stepping into the path that aligns with your dream goals. This Gemini season is a powerful time to increase the number of 0s in your bank account. Obviously, money doesn’t grow on trees but the opportunities that will be coming your way this month will be making it seem like it does. 



Love is in the air for you, Gemini. With the sun rotating in your sign, this is the perfect time for you to start honing in on your love life. Whether it is forging new friendships or relationships or enhancing the current ones, June is the month to do it. 



Pull out the crystal ball, Cancer. This month is all about trusting your gut instincts and enhancing your psychic power. Practicing spirituality can look different for everyone, but one of the best ways for a Cancer to get in tune with their spiritual side is by practicing self care. Take long baths, light moody candles and pull out “The Shadow Work Journal.”



Jupiter has re-entered a high-flying zone, yet again, and that could be the reason you have felt supercharged and enthusiastic. You have goals set in your mind, and this is the month to bring them to fruition. The sun remains in your social sector making you quite sociable this month. 



This month is about nurturing all facets of yourself, Virgo. You don’t need us to tell you this, but being the hermit of the Zodiac, nurturing yourself can look like cozying up in bed with a good book or an A24 film. It also means nurturing your secret adventurous side. Learn to balance alone time and social time.  



When one door closes, another one opens, Libra. This month is all about new beginnings and stepping away from the version of yourself that you’re probably not very proud of. That’s OK, Libra, we all have skeletons in the closet … we just choose to not let those skeletons rule our life. Maybe take some much needed time away from social media and dig deep in self-reflection. 



You cannot seem to catch a break, can you, Scorpio? Nothing seems to be going your way. This month is the best time to invite change into your life and let go of whatever is no longer working for you. It is time to finally say goodbye to your comfort zone and step into what you really need. 



April showers bring May flowers, Sagittarius. This month, expect a bouquet of red roses to grace your path. You might notice relationships deepening or discover new avenues for self-love. Embrace your romantic inclinations and savor the rosy glow that May offers.



As we finish our Gemini season, you will be finding yourself feeling more on top of things. When Venus in Cancer mingles with Neptune in Pisces on June 2, you will feel a wave of new inspiration. Take it and run. 



With all of the cosmic events last month that disrupted your “go with the flow” nature, you’ll find that maybe the grass is greener on the other side this month, Aquarius. It’s time to stop taking yourself so seriously and lean into your wild side. And remember to shed negative self-talking; it’s not like you. 



Nothing seems to matter to you right now, does it? Don’t freak out, it’s completely normal. The funk will end on June 21 when the sun leaves Gemini. You will feel a wave of relief and things will slowly move back into place.