May Digi Horoscopes

Words by Ambar Ramirez & Carmen Macri



This April, Aries, you’re feeling a surge of energy and confidence. Use this momentum to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off. Your assertiveness will help you overcome any obstacles that come your way. Just remember to take some time for self-care too.



The cosmos has lined up an all-you-can-eat buffet of opportunities this month, Taurus. Your bull-headed determination will be your secret sauce for success, so trust your instincts and charge ahead fearlessly. But remember to take a moment to sniff the flowers along the way. Romance may be grazing in your pasture, so keep those eyes peeled for a special someone.



April brings a wave of inspiration your way, Gemini. You’ll find yourself bursting with new ideas and creative energy. Use this time to explore your passions and try new things. Just be sure to stay focused so you can see your projects through to the end.



Get ready to ride the waves of emotion and creativity this month. Your intuition is your superpower, so trust those gut feelings and let them guide you to some seriously magical moments. Whether you’re splashing in the sea of inspiration or cozying up with loved ones, this month is all about finding your happy place.



This April your social life takes center stage, Leo. You’ll find yourself surrounded by friends and loved ones, and you’ll thrive in social settings. Take this opportunity to strengthen your connections and create lasting memories. Just don’t forget to make time for yourself too.



Virgo, get ready to dance to the cosmic rhythm in May. Your attention to detail and organizational skills are like glitter for your success. Expect sparks of inspiration to light up your path, leading you to new adventures and opportunities.



May is like your personal party playlist, filled with all your favorite tunes of joy and adventure. Get ready to dance through this month with grace and charm, as the universe showers you with opportunities to shine. Your diplomatic skills will be in high demand, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing the role of peacemaker among friends or colleagues.



April is a month of transformation for you, Scorpio. You’ll find yourself shedding old habits and embracing new ones. Embrace this change and trust that it’s leading you to where you need to be. Remember to be patient with yourself along the way.



This month, the cosmos is your playground, and adventure awaits around every corner. Embrace your spontaneous spirit and say yes to new experiences — it’s time to expand your horizons and explore the world with unbridled enthusiasm.



You’re feeling particularly ambitious this month, Capricorn. You have your sights set on your goals, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. Just be sure to pace yourself and not take on too much at once. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.



This month is all about embracing your individuality, Aquarius. Don’t be afraid to swim against the tide — after all, you’re a trendsetter, not a follower. Channel your inner rebel and shake things up in all the best ways. Your innovative ideas are powerful and can truly make changes if you’re up for it. 



April is a month of reflection for you, Pisces. Take some time to look inward and evaluate where you’re at and where you want to be. Trust your intuition to guide you in the right direction. Remember, sometimes the answers we seek can be found within ourselves.