April Horoscopes

By Carmen Macri, Ambar Ramirez and the stars



With the Sun, Mercury (retrograde) AND a total solar (supermoon) eclipse in YOUR sign, April is a boldfaced invitation to go full-force, Aries. The universe is showing its hand, and it is by far in your favor this month. Serendipity at its finest. 



Will you be able to handle awkward conversations and spontaneous meet-ups? This month is throwing a lot of curveballs your way, Taurus, so time to toughen up. Not only have you dealt with a solar eclipse on April 8, bringing upheaval and opportunity, but also a mercury retrograde. Just keep your head held high. April showers bring May flowers.



It is time to revisit the drawing board, Gemini. With Mercury entering retrograde on April 1— no, this is no belated April Fools’ Day joke — it may call for you to begin nourishing old relationships. Your ambition may be feeling like they are on pause. Push through this lull period.



Feeling a bit foggy, Cancer? Don’t worry, that’s just the effects of Mercury in retrograde. This month, you’ll be feeling everything from sadness to love, anger to joy, confusion to clarity. Simply, you won’t be able to tell what’s up from down. Just try to relax during this trying time. Once April 25 rolls around and Mercury goes direct, retrograde’s confusion will be over and new opportunities will come your way. 



With the full moon in Scorpio on April 23, you may be feeling like the rewards outweigh the risks. You know what they say — high risk, high reward. Trust your intuition; a gut feeling never leads you astray. Whether you are making a big move or finally cutting ties with someone, it’s time to let go of your past and finally move forward. 



You’re in your busy bee era, Virgo. When things get stressful, people tend to take a step back, while you take 10 steps forward. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to stay busy, as long as you aren’t overdoing it. Try to allocate all your free time to less stressful activities like paper art and polymer clay. You may unlock a new skill and feel refreshed afterward. 



This month, Libra, find harmony in the chaos around you. The stars align to bring opportunities for growth and transformation. Embrace your natural charm and diplomacy to navigate any challenges that arise.



The first half of April may feel a bit hectic for you. You tend to double-book yourself and overexert your social battery. That will be the case until the full moon on April 23. As Aries season begins to wrap up, your life will seem to fall back on track. Just remember, it’s OK to say no to plans — you can’t be in two places at once. 



Flowers need rain and sunshine to bloom; you need balance to bloom, Sagittarius. On April 19, the sun transitions into Taurus, signaling a phase of indulgence and introspection. This is your chance to assert your confidence and take great strides toward your goals. 



SLOW THE F*** DOWN. Take a breath. Relax. The end of March and beginning of April may have had you feeling in way over your head. Sometimes there are situations that not even you can control. Stop texting your ex. Stay in on the weekend. Nothing good happens after midnight. 



Mercury retrograde always seems to be out to get you, Aquarius. For most, the planetary movements seem to be a chance for other signs to work on themselves, whereas it is a personal attack on you. That’s OK. Why get stressed and overworked, when you can simply sleep. We’ll see you in May. 



The tables have finally turned and it seems like the universe is moving in your favor, Pisces. The dominoes are falling into place for you this month. It may seem scary to have so many options finally open up to you. You need to jump on the opportunity. A new job in a new city is exactly what you need.