Jumbo Shrimp continue to move on up!

Words by Teresa Spencer

Jacksonville’s hometown baseball team moved up to Triple-A classification in 2021 in conjunction with Major League Baseball’s reorganization of the minor leagues, meaning they are the Triple-A affiliate of the Miami Marlins.

In 2022, the team announced $25 million in renovations, which are soon coming to fruition. The organization let the “shrimp out of the bag” recently  saying the team’s home field — 121 Financial Ballpark, will be seeing some major upgrades, including a new building for the ground- level store and team offices, as well as new banquet space. Also in the plans are a new video board and ribbon boards, concourse stands, enhanced club space behind home plate and more. Basically, the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp want to elevate and reinvent the fan experience. Check it out for yourself here.

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