The Hunt: The Best Guacamole in Jax


Words by Briana Pereira

If I’m being completely honest with you, readers, this review was probably one of the toughest I’ve ever had to write. As someone who loves a good Taco Tuesday with friends, I’ve become quite the frequent chips and guacamole consumer. That being said, I’ve also definitely (and unfortunately) had some very mediocre guacs in my lifetime. But when I tell you, none of these places were that, I mean, damn did these places give one another a run for their money. Also apologies to our readers that are not avocado fans, we got you with the best queso in Jax here soon. 


Taqueria Cinco

Taqueria Cinco, a spot very familiar for the faces of “Folio,” is located in the heart of Five Points. The location is a small hole in the wall with a unique interior and a very green-influenced outdoor space. With this quickly becoming one of my new favorite spots and its location hitting the Riverside neighborhoods of Jax, I knew it was the perfect place to include it in my hunt. 


In the Street Food section on their menu is the guacamole and for $11 you get an order of their guac served with chips and topped with cilantro, onion and a lime wedge. The order is also served with sides of two different salsas. I personally really enjoyed the flavor profile of the salsa verde. As far as the guac, I really liked the texture and acidity level of it, but I personally enjoy my guac extra citrus-y. In addition to the traditional style, you can elevate your guac and make it “Chingon style” which is adding jalapeño, tomato and tajin to the traditional ingredients for a small upcharge. Portion wise it is definitely enough to either keep your mouth occupied while waiting for the rest of your food to come out or even as a small snack, but I don’t think there can ever be such a thing as too much guac. 


Atmosphere: 4.5/5

Guacamole: 4.5/5

Price: $11.00

Portion vs. Price:4/5

Overall: 4.3/5


Fresh-Mex & Co.

Fresh-Mex & Co. is a new spot for me , thanks to my intern buddy Jillian and our shared love for some good Tex-Mex. Located in the St. Johns Town Center, it’s in a pretty centralized spot for all of my Jax people. The interior is very clean and modern, and when the weather is nice, which it has been recently, the bar is open on both sides, with seats on their patio, as well, allowing lots of fresh air in. 


You will find their guac and chips under the Starters portion of their menu for $8.90. The order comes with their guac made with avocado, diced tomato, fresh cilantro and lime, served with a heap of chips. I personally love tomatoes in my guac, the chunkier she is the better in my opinion. But the one thing their guac misses in my opinion is some onion. I love it with a little bite as well. Portion wise, I felt like the guac to chip ratio was a little bit on the weaker side. I’m definitely a heavy scooper, but I felt like I had to ration out my scoops in order to make sure I didn’t go through it too quickly. Overall, still a super tasty guac and I will definitely be getting it again. 


Atmosphere: 4/5

Guacamole: 4.5/5

Price: $8.90

Portion vs. Price: 3.5/5

Overall: 4/5


Flying Iguana Taqueria & Tequila Bar

Situated in the hub of Neptune Beach you’ll find this fan favorite. With a dim interior and lots of tables, it’s perfect for both date night or a night out with friends. They also have a great patio space for the summer time as well, it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be frequenting post-beach days this summer! 


Under their Antojitos or Starters menu section you’ll find their chips and guac. The item is described to be made with jalapeño, tomato, red onion, cilantro and lime, prepared table side — how fun!? I personally love this. Not only is it interactive and fun, but you get to control what ingredients go into it, though, this recipe already seems to have what makes up my “perfect” guac. 


Atmosphere: 4/5

Guacamole: 5/5

Price: $14.00

Portion vs. Price: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


Taco Lu

Taco Lu was the first Mexican inspired spot I visited when I first moved to Jacksonville back in August 2020. Since then, I have enjoyed many orders of chips and guac while sipping margs and with my friends; it’s easily been one of my favorite spots. Located right over the Intracoastal on Beach Boulevard is where you’ll find this gem. The decor of this spot is everything. Both inside and outside the location is decorated uniquely with empty bottles, crosses, and bright colors, something everyone has to experience at least once. I can’t say I’ve ever been to the Lu, and it hasn’t been packed, that is any day but Monday, because everyone knows on Monday’s it’s “No Taco For You.” Despite being busy they always seem to have a spot for everyone, even offering complimentary valet parking to make sure they can accommodate the masses. 


Their guac is found under their Let’s Get Started section on their menu and goes for $9.99. It comes prepared with fresh avocados, roasted garlic, cilantro and lime, paired with chips and topped with roasted pepitas to add some crunch. I personally think the pepitas are the highlight of the dish, but as I said before, I like some texture and different flavor profiles. Taco Lu’s is great, just a little bit on the smoother side for my liking. Portions wise, their chip to dip ratio is good and overall fair for what you’re paying for. 

Atmosphere: 5/5


Price: $9.99

Price vs. Portion: 4/5

Overall: 4.3/5


As I said in my intro spiel, all of these guacs gave one another a run for their money and most of my critiques came down to personal preferences. Flying Iguana had to take the lead not only because of the delicious flavors within their guac, but the experience that comes with getting guac there. Something about that tableside service just makes it feel 10 times more authentic. So if you’re in the mood for a good chips and guac moment, I highly recommend hitting up any of these places and seeing which hits the spot best for you. 

About Briana Pereira

Briana Pereira is a student intern at Folio, who is about to graduate from UNF with a degree in Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism. She has a passion for lifestyle writing. In her free time she loves spending time at the beach, hanging out with friends and finding new places throughout Jacksonville to try.