Who We Saw, What We Thought 

Words by Briana Pereira




Easy Honey, a Charleston-based band, took the stage at Jack Rabbits Live recently, alongside bands Happy Landing and Rohna. Easy Honey entered the stage immediately bringing some quirkiness to the venue with one of their members taking the stage barefoot and another rocking suspenders. Very 2010 hipster, if you ask me. 


Their music is the perfect fusion of surf rock and indie pop with a unique sound that captures the spirit of coastal living. As I listened to their set, the beats and lyrics from their songs made me think of them as a modern-day Beach Boys. “Gotta Get Back,” a song featured on their album “Peach Fuzz,” has been stuck on repeat for me since their show. The vibes of the evening easily felt like summer leaving me longing for a beach day and some warm weather. Another element I really appreciated about this concert as a whole was it was probably one of the most unplugged I’ve been to in years. In a world where we constantly chase the gratification of social media praises and capturing memories through empty screens, I didn’t see a single person in the venue glued to their screen. Instead, everyone was there to experience the moment together in real time. It takes an engaging atmosphere and music to do that. 


This show was only the second of their winter East Coast tour to promote their latest EP “Ooooo,” and they have also announced dates for their summer tour beginning in June. I would hands down attend another Easy Honey performance in the future. They’re definitely a band to keep on your radar.