New Music Releases This February

Feb. 2

Brittany Howard

As lead singer for the Alabama Shakes, Howard needs no additional hype from me when it comes to the validity of her vocal abilities (just go listen to their song “Gimme All Your Love,” and I promise you will be hooked.) Holding place as one of my favorite bands, the Alabama Shakes delivers on the fading sound that is blues/rock. With the band taking a self-proclaimed hiatus in response to Howard focusing on her solo career, her latest project, “What Now,” is expected to highlight her epic song-writing talents along with her stellar voice and spunk.


Gabby Barrett

Country singer Gabby Barrett has announced the release of her sophomore album, Chapter & Verse. The 23-year-old singer who is known for her hit songs like, “I Hope,” featuring Charlie Puth and “The Good Ones” has already left an impression on the world of country. With a voice that feels like wind on a beautiful summer evening, Barrett’s voice accompanied with her beautiful lyrics makes her latest musical venture, one to anticipate.  


Feb. 5

French Montana

The Moroccan native has promised fans some heavy-hitting features from his latest album, “Mac & Cheese 5.”  Featured performers include fellow rappers, Kanye West, Drake and The Weeknd.

 Giving us club-classics like “Mopstick,” featuring rapper Kodak Black, French Montana often provides music that gives life on behalf of unique beats and lively wordplay.


Feb. 9

Sonic Youth

Although the sounds of Sonic Youth no longer resound in the present day, the former rock band has approved a reissue of their album, “Walls Have Ears” encompassing the ensemble’s live recordings from shows performed in 1985. The original project was unfortunately “bootlegged” soon after the release.

 The “new” release includes the song “Expressway to Yr. Skull,” with an early release for listeners available through Bandcamp. It is everything you need to hear and more — perfectly capturing the grit that makes Sonic Youth tick.



If the R&B legend already didn’t have enough on his plate with his recent two-year residency in Las Vegas and preparation for his 2024 Super Bowl half-time performance, Usher is also releasing a new album titled, “Coming Home.”

 According to Usher, his latest project is “… a celebration of music. Coming home in many other ways as you get more acclimated.”

 His discography needs no introduction (and if you’re unfamiliar… I suggest you acquaint yourself by listening to “Confessions,” front and back.) You will be met with songs that do not age — timeless classics that reflect the past and capture the present.


Declan McKenna

After discovering his hit single, “Brazil,” Declan McKenna has captured me as a huge fan. With a sound that romanticizes a life full of sea, love and good times (or tides) McKenna is the perfect person to have in your “romanticizing my future life” playlist. You do have one of those … right?

 With McKenna being an artist and the owner of his own record label, Tomplicated, he has announced the release of his third studio album, “What Happened to the Beach.”

 I’m anticipating this album to be the perfect soundtrack to accompany endless summer nights.



Feb. 16


I am so stoked to finally hear the Crawlers’ debut album, “The Mess We Seem to Make.”

 With their hit single “Come Over Again” (played in my household multiple times a week), the British group have finally graced us with a complete album that captures their unique sound so well.