January Print Horoscopes

Words by Ambar Ramirez & Carmen Macri



New year, new you, right? It is time to hunker down and start focusing on your goals. These past months have been leisurely for you, Aries, but that stops now. The new moon in Capricorn in early January brings a new wave of focus and determination. Be on the lookout for that new promotion.  



It seems Cupid has set his sights on you, Taurus — or should we say, his arrow has found its mark. This month is dedicated to fortifying your relationships, be it friendships or something more. Every relationship demands attention and nurturing, so make it a point to express your affection to those near and dear to you. If you’re feeling spontaneous, consider opening up to your crush about your true feelings.



Social battery running a bit low, Gemini? That is to be expected, especially with how outgoing you were in December. This January is all about business, money and management — your three favorite things! Be ready for a fast-paced month, and try not to fall behind.  



Grab my hand, Cancer, and inhale deeply. Do you sense that the heavy burden on your chest has lifted? That’s because Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius has finally bid its farewell. All those petty conversations and misunderstandings are now officially in the past, allowing you to confidently embark on this new year with a clean slate.



Your roster seems a bit long, no? It is time to start focusing on one relationship — which may be hard for you. You are a proud sign, and that is usually a good thing. But sometimes this trait can cause you to take advantage of those around you. 



New year, new you? Not quite yet, Virgo. Things take time, especially when it comes to leveling up your character. If you feel the need for some solitude or simply want to cocoon yourself in the comfort of your room for a day, go ahead. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little “me” time.



Happy January, Libra. This month brings a flurry of party invitations and a social scene that bears little resemblance to last year’s. It’s all fun and games until the reality hits that everything comes with a price. Now, you might be wondering, what’s that price? Brace yourself — it involves facing your fears and addressing any toxic habits. Woo!



When your planetary ruler, Mars, entered Capricorn on Jan. 4 your social battery hit full charge. A new wave of energy will fill you with the urge to spark up conversations with friendly strangers and neighbors. Be mindful of how you use this new energy; you don’t want to hit empty too soon. 



Everyone has baggage, Sagittarius. Sometimes it’s physical, other times it’s metaphorical: In your case it’s both. When things get bad you look in the other direction, sometimes even going as far to book a flight. But January is all about letting your guard down and letting love in. Up for the challenge? 



Mercury is no longer in retrograde, thank the stars. Your body and mind are finally starting to align and things are set to go your way this month. Here’s to fewer travel delays, typos and miscommunications. 



Happy solar return, Aquarius! As per tradition, things are about to take a quirky turn, and strangely enough, that’s when you’re at your best. In the spirit of celebrating yourself this month, consider giving yourself a well-deserved gift. It could be a tangible present, but given your unique nature, a gift of self-reflection might hold even greater significance.



You will be quite the busy bee this January, Pisces. Hardly a time for logical thinking, just put your brain on autopilot and go, go, go. Work life and personal life will try to intermingle but remember — we don’t mix business with pleasure. Your work crush is simply a work crush, nothing more.