Best Instagram Account (tie) — 904 Happy Hour & Only in Duval

Best Instagram Account (tie)

904 Happy Hour

904 Happy Hour gives you no excuse as to why you should ever mumble the words, “There’s nothing to do in Jacksonville,” as they work tirelessly to promote numerous events occurring all around the city. From restaurant suggestions to pop-up experiences like no other, 904 Happy Hour has become the one-stop shop for all things going on in Duval on behalf of their thriving Instagram. 


Only in Duval

Jacksonville residents can all attest to the fact that there are some experiences that you’re only exposed to in Duval County. Only in Duval’s Instagram page gives us the perfect meme or video to share with our family /friends who can’t experience the “unique” inhabitants that grace our city. It has become the perfect page for a shared laugh with our fellow Duval residents.