Folio Weed Gift Guide 2023

Words by Shelton Hull


The holidays are here, and that always means great food, reuniting with friends and family, and of course, presents. We all like what we like, but if you’re reading this, you probably like weed and gimmicks related to it. And if it’s gimmicks you want, it’s gimmicks you’ll get! We reached out to you, the readers, in search of suggestions for presents to please the cannabisseurs in your life, and the feedback was fulsome. In particular, we wanted to put special emphasis on unique items made locally, whenever possible. So let’s dive in!


Former Best of Jax winner Michael Armanno recommends our friend Josh Weber, aka Blind Bear, an extremely skilled glass-blower based at Armannos’ own Bespoke House. The stuff some of these guys can do is just mind-blowing, especially when you have the chance to see it being made in person. He has a bunch of items already in stock and can take pretty much any custom order you can think of, though, it might be too late to get that done for Christmas. (IG: blindbear_official) 


Speaking of glass, Kelly Rene suggested Fistpickle Glass, based in Jax Beach, which offers a range of nicely-priced pipes and chillums. They also make buttplugs, but don’t buy those for anyone unless you’re absolutely sure they want that! Kevin Beaugrand adds the name Brandon Cotter’s spinner caps (IG: el3crto_b) , who’s doing similar work, as well as works of Chris Titus (IG: dr.droyo), who sells gorgeous little glass spools of hemp wick that some folks find useful for lighting their bowls, joints, etc. Perfect for the hippie in your life!


Angela Collins recommends Stashlogix, which makes a variety of stylish stash bags and boxes, tubes, tins and jars, suitable for any quantity and every occasion. Note, also, that these items aren’t just great for weed but for general use, as well. 


Corey Griffin recommends the Smoke Buddy. “It is a charcoal filter you blow into that covers the smoke and smell,” he says. They come in a ridiculous array of colors and patterns, as well as paper-based and other eco-friendly options; some of them even look like mini hand grenades. Best of all, a portion of each sale goes directly to a bunch of nonprofits the company supports. How much? Don’t know, don’t care.

Lindsay Hamman recommends Sparkle and Glam by Sam Sevastakis, another dear friend of ours, who used assorted rhinestones to zhuzh up pipes, grinders, stash boxes and sunglasses, perfect for stoners who have no interest in trying to blend in.  

Steph Hughes’ works are New Leaf Vapor Co., “the premier local vape and smoke shop,” whose own products come highly recommended. She also put in a good word for herself, namely Hang Ten, made right here in Jacksonville brought to you by some of the best in the industry: Greg Salisbury, Erik Batsford and Ryan Curry Howard, They provide a whole range of delta blends, fully legal to buy as vapes, edibles or pre-rolls, whether you have a medical card or not. 


Julia Fallon Johns said, “They aren’t local, but Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers are a great gift imo. They’re a slower burn and consistent, and they’re pink! So cute!”


Rashawn Miller, proprietor of Acropolis Clothing Company, another local company, suggests you check out another of his ventures — the Blunt Repair Patch — because there’s nothing worse than pulling out a blunt or a joint and seeing that it’s got a hole or tear in it. They used to be called Blunt Band-Aids, until the inevitable cease and desist from Johnson & Johnson. They won’t save your life, but they may help preserve your sanity! 


Tuesday Ruse came through with a recommendation that this writer finds particularly interesting: the Magical Butter Machine, which is the main brand for home cooks to create their own cannabutter and other infusions, which can be used to create all kinds of edible goods, both savory and sweet. (We suggest lobbin’ a dollop on top of some hot scampi, or maybe to finish off a freshly-grilled steak or a piece of fish.) These things practically sell themselves, just based on the convenience, and you can find them at pretty much every price range.


Last, but certainly not least: You may have heard of Elf on a Shelf, but have you heard of Snoop on a Stoop? If not, then give thanks to the homie Dave Knight, who wrote in to let us know that these can be found every day at the Ramona Flea Market for just $15 each. We’re gonna need a whole box of those — for the home and the office!


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