Looking Back on 37 Years of FOLIO

Words by Ambar Ramirez & Carmen Macri

Starting in 1987, Folio Weekly quickly became a staple to Jacksonville’s news and entertainment scene – and coffee tables across the city. From breaking news stories to up-and-coming musicians to environmental scandals, Folio has always sought to inform and entertain. 

Join us in looking back on the last 37 years of Folio!







One intriguing aspect of the earliest Folio issues was the evolution of the logo design. It’s fascinating to observe how the infamous Folio logo has transformed from its origins to its current iteration. Here’s a fun nugget of history: back in the day, Folio staff members had to manually craft layouts on a drafting table, a relic we still keep in the office.













In 1997, our issues heavily featured illustrated covers, and we certainly aren’t upset about that. Believe it or not, we’ve been running the Best of Jax contest for what feels like an eternity – though, admittedly, things have evolved. While we once relied on mailed-in ballots, these days, we’ve embraced the digital era, accepting entries online. Yikes, indeed!















Enter Adobe InDesign! This game-changing software, which hit the scene in 1999, revolutionized the magazine layout process for us and many other publications. Without it, seamlessly blending physical and digital design would be a challenging and time-consuming task. No more drafting board and sliced fingers!





















Let’s dive into the vibrant world of color! In 2008, a noticeable shift occurred as color made its way not only onto the cover but throughout the entire issue. What makes this edition stand out is its deviation from the usual cover story format. Instead, it presents a captivating photo essay highlighting the fashion trends of 2008. Iconic? We believe so.




The 2010s ushered in an era of thematic exploration for Folio issues, and this one, in particular, zeroed in on Health and Beauty. Within its pages, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of Health and Beauty stores or salons. Additionally, there’s a lighthearted article where the writer delves into some rather questionable beauty routines. What do you think? Should we resurrect the trend of themed issues?









Present day

Folio is still thriving after 37 years. Granted, we don’t release publications weekly, but our goal has always stayed the same. To give Jacksonville and Northeast Florida a tangible guide to news and entertainment. 


Celebrating 37 years in the game, Folio remains the heavyweight champion of alternative magazines in Northeast Florida. From news and opinions to politics, lifestyle, and entertainment, we’ve got it all covered. As card-carrying members of the Association of Alternative News Media, our trophy shelf boasts multiple AAN Awards.


With a robust distribution network spanning 600 locations and a monthly print circulation of 60,000 plus, we’ve also embraced the digital era. Our Entertainment Issue has propelled us to a readership of over 200,000 per issue as of June 2023.


What’s our secret sauce? Well, credit goes to our stellar ownership, an ace team of journalists, creative minds, and the backbone of it all – our fantastic readers. Here’s to 37 more years of keeping it professional yet undeniably cool at Folio.