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Of all the Merriam-Webster’s words of the year, 2023’s might just be my favorite: authentic. For one, it’s something I strive to be as  much as possible (for better or worse). Plus, it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

“The thing about quotes from the Internet is that it is difficult to
define their authenticity.” –Abraham Lincoln


William Shatner beamed down to the Florida Theatre last month for a screening of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” followed by “a cosmic adventure like no other” with Shatner sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes and stories from his career and answering audience questions. But for the true Trekkies who went VIP, the highlight had to have been the post-show photo op with James T. Kirk himself. That is, until they stepped into the room to see Shatner surrounded by a plexiglass wall which they were invited to stand next to while he sat on a stool and did his best version of a smile. According to Jeff Bellamy (pictured with Summer Spencer), it was well worth all five seconds.

Speaking of the Florida Theatre, comedian Anthony Jeselnik recently took the stage for a sold-out show at the newly renovated theater, which he referred to as “gorgeous” in his Instagram post about the event. Fortunately, he left out the part where a woman screamed out in the middle of his set (I’ll refrain from restating his response), some guy in the front “requesting” specific jokes (Jeselnik shut him down hard) and random chants of “DUUUVAL!” Fortunately, he was warned by staff before the show about the phenomenon, so when he heard it he didn’t think he was getting booed. As if.


A new book called “Florida Sculptors and their Work: 1880–2020” features a number of Northeast Florida sculptors and … their work. In addition to a six-page spread on Charles Adrian Pillars (he of the Memorial Park statue “Life”), author Deborah C. Pollack discusses David Engdahl, David Ponsler, Dolf James and the late Mildred Thompson in Jacksonville and Enzo Torcoletti, Joe Regal, Earl Cunningham, Chad Light in St. Augustine. Pollack also recognized local artists Lance Vickery, Jenny Hager, Derby Ulloa, Kue King, Brett Waller and Jim Smith.




If you’ve ever been to a Jaguars game, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen one of the team’s most famous fans —Tealopatra (she’s easy to spot with her teal afro wig, Jagged-out attire and the biggest smile in the stadium). Well, Ms. 9-Oh-Fro just got a little more recognizable when conservative radio host Larry Elder tweeted this idiotic comment after seeing her on TV. That’s actually small potatoes considering her picture is in the NFL Hall of Fame.



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