Artist Spotlight: Liza Attic


Words by Amiyah Golden

Meet Liza Attic, a local Jacksonville band that is composed of four friends who love to create music filled with passion, purpose, and inspiration from late band member, Max Higney.


With a sound that’s unique to Jacksonville’s music scene but pays homage to those before them, the ensemble composed of members: Ej Rivers, John Jones, Jordan Smith, and Cole O’Hallaron is one to keep your ears open for.


I remember hearing the band play at a local venue months prior and was intrigued by their lyricism and sound. It felt nostalgic but fresh; Something unique to them while still feeling somewhat classic. Not only was their sound entrancing but the chemistry poured through the strings of River’s bass and collided with the bridge of O’Hallaron’s guitar while making way to Jone’s drums catalyzing into the perfect harmony carried by Smith. Creating a wave of music inspiring vibes concurrent to “Indie-disco.”


The band knows no limits when it comes to sound, evident in their personal journey of  metamorphosis. Originally beginning with Jones and Smith who were the duo to Pajama Dogs. Which then grew to accompany River and Higney who began a band that curated a sound that was more edgy and punk inspired. Eventually, leading to their present band, Liza Attic, which is now the product of a more encompassing sound that now includes Smith. 


Speaking with the band made all the puzzle-pieces fall into place as I began to understand  the dynamic between the members. With each artist having such individualized preference and taste regarding favorite musicians and inspiration, it all supported their ability to create such a well-rounded sound. 


With the recent release of their newest album, Friends, I think the project is the perfect example of the versatility they produce while keeping the integrity that makes them unique. 


Friends, unfortunately, is the first project released without late band member, Max Higney. But his blueprint still remains well throughout the album. While Higney was the songwriter for many of Liza Attic’s projects, his presence was channeled by fellow band members, Rivers and Smith in producing the title-track song, Friends, holding place as a favorite song off the album for a few of the bandmates, it was the first moment that they realized that they could carry out Higney’s legacy.


With much support from the Jacksonville community and music scene, Liza Attic continues to thrive not just in their recognition but in a humbleness they exude that accredits their cosmic jams.


I can’t wait to see where life takes them as they continue to pursue making music that is embedded in authentic and genuine talent! 


Well reader, I hope you enjoyed this month’s artist spotlight and I strongly suggest you check out their latest album, Friends. 

The project being the perfect reminder to,


“[Hold] your friends as important to you and take the ups and downs in life and grab what’s important,” as stated by Jones. 


You can find Liza Attic on their various platforms below.


Instagram: @liza_attic

Spotify: LIZA ATTIC 

Apple Music: LIZA ATTIC 

Soundcloud: LIZA ATTIC