Strikes of Compassion

Travis Etienne Jr. Charity Bowling Night

Words by Carson Rich

In a sport that brings fame and fortune to so many young players, it also creates people who care and want to make a difference. Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. held a celebrity bowling event for charity last month in celebration of both true sportsmanship and philanthropy, demonstrating his own generosity toward the causes he has been fighting for since he was drafted. Creating positive change on and off the field, the football superstar showed why he deserves his role on the team, not only by getting first downs, but also by giving back to the community he cares so deeply about. 


In a private event held at Bowlero on Southside Boulevard, Etienne Jr. and team members treated fans and families with a special gathering that made many participants’ dreams come true as he walked along the lanes. The venue, bedecked with Jaguars decor and colorful balloons, provided the perfect backdrop for the event. A wide variety of catered food and drinks were complimentary, and there were plenty of opportunities for raffle drawings and silent auctions for a multitude of collectibles. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the warm smiles of volunteers who were there to make them feel special. The atmosphere buzzed with camaraderie and goodwill as the sounds of bowling balls crashing into pins filled the air.


The charity event was sponsored by Vibrancy 21 Agency and benefitted the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida. Etienne has always fought for causes similar to this, as his cousin’s passing from lupus gave him inspiration to donate to the Lupus Foundation of America. He has also worked with the Headstrong Foundation.  


The expression on the running back’s face told everyone how good of a time he was having, and he was very personable throughout the entire night. Every person he encountered lit up with joy as he walked up to them for pictures, and he never denied the opportunity for a selfie or an autograph. His charisma and calm attitude ensured everyone that he is a man of the people. He would be seen smiling and laughing with some of the kids that attended, and it seemed like he knew just how much those interactions meant to them, making their day. Toward the end of the event, Etienne stepped up and tried his luck at knocking some pins down, showing everyone that football is not his only specialty.


This event was not just about spares and strikes, however. It was more about Etienne’s commitment to giving back to his community. It was a reminder that even in a world of professional sports and celebrity, there are those who understand the true meaning of success: using their platform to make the world a better place. It is clear that he has a love for the city of Jacksonville deep in his heart, and he displayed nothing short of that by presenting himself for who he is and always has been. 

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