November Horoscopes



Your strong drive to succeed will lead you to exciting opportunities for financial growth. However, it’s essential to be careful when it comes to impulse purchases and risky investments. Stick to a budget and save for unexpected expenses. Believe in your abilities and make thoughtful decisions to secure your financial future.



We know what you’re thinking, Taurus. Why worry about tomorrow’s problems today? While we are all for living in the moment, what you’ve got a bad case of is procrastination. And not just any regular doing-your-homework-day-of procrastination, but the type of procrastination that builds anxiety and puts relationships on thin ice. It’s best if you get through the uncomfortable conversations now so that come Thanksgiving, you’ll have more to be thankful for. 



The stars and planets align to boost your intellectual prowess and communication skills this month, Gemini. Your ruling planet Mercury is on your side, enhancing your ability to articulate ideas and negotiate effectively. This is an ideal time for networking and collaboration, as the alignment of celestial bodies brings new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Keep an eye on your financial matters, as Jupiter’s influence may present both opportunities for gains and potential expenses. 



As the weather starts to cool down, your emotions heat up. Not in the relationship type of way, though, it could if you wanted it to, but in the sense that everyone is a threat. It’s OK to want to stay warm during these colder months, but there are other ways of achieving that. Maybe make it a point to take more relaxing baths with candles and bath bombs. 



Leo, this November, you’ll find a boost of creative energy and self-expression. With the Sun as your ruling planet, shining brightly, you’ll exude confidence and charm. This is a prime time to let your artistic talents flourish, whether it’s at work or in your personal endeavors. Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, graces your sign, enhancing your allure and making it a favorable period for romance… if you know what we mean.



We hate to say this, but Virgo, you just might be the problem. And you know what? Sometimes it’s OK to admit that; sometimes it’s best to admit that. Contrary to what most Virgos believe, you are a perfectionist and with perfection comes control. The best way to keep peace is to relinquish control. 



First thing we want you to do Libra is take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. This November we are giving you one task and one task only, and that is to relax. Not in the take a chill pill way, though, you probably should do that too, but in the book a day at the spa way. Or if you’re feeling extreme, book a flight to the most relaxing place you can think of. 



November promises transformation for you. Mars fuels your energy and determination, making it a great time for tackling challenges. In your relationships, Venus’ presence brings an air of passion and intensity. You’ll find deeper connections and a heightened sense of desire. However, be mindful of potential conflicts, as your intensity can sometimes lead to emotional confrontations. In other words, you scare partners away. 



Happy solar return, dear Sagittarius! The holiday season can get pretty wild. It’s not just about family gatherings; your birthday festivities kick in early. If you’re feeling a bit low, just remember – you’re in for double the presents!



November brings you a balance of ambition and introspection, thanks to Saturn’s influence. The New Moon in your sign offers a fresh start for various life aspects. Venus fosters charm and deeper connections in your social and romantic life. Financially, Jupiter provides stability and growth opportunities. This month, focus on goals, relationships and financial planning for a well-rounded and successful November. A bit boring but its better than the alternative! 



I know you’re tired, Aquarius. October was full of spooky chaos, and if you thought that November would be the time to recharge your social battery, think again. Not only are we entering the busiest season of all, but you’re picking up new hobbies left and right. Mental note, you don’t have to do it all. And frankly, you can’t. 



The cosmic energies set the stage for a month of creative and emotional exploration. With Neptune, your ruling planet, in the spotlight, you’ll feel a surge of imaginative and spiritual energy. This is an ideal time to embrace your artistic side and engage in activities that nourish your soul. The New Moon in Scorpio early in the month may prompt you to dig deeper into your emotions and forge new beginnings. Use this opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.