The Specktator

Words by Kerry Speckman


One of my all-time favorite nuggets of Jax trivia is that it’s the birthplace — and final resting place — of actress Alice Nunn. Never heard of her? Well, if you missed her as Passenger with Dog in “Airport 75,” Lady With Wallet in “Petticoat Junction” or Woman Customer at Quickie Mart on “Simon & Simon,” maybe you caught her scene-stealing turn as Large Marge in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” The folks at Sun-Ray Cinema obviously appreciate Ms. Nunn’s stellar performance in the latter as they have planned a unique movie experience that involves a screening of “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” at A. Philip Randolph Park complete with a self-guided bike tour to Nunn’s grave at Old City Cemetery. Check for deets. And tell ’em Large Marge sent ya.


BONUS FUN FACT: In the movie, Pee Wee’s dog is named Speck. No relation.



As a lifetime member of the Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Police, I hereby issue a citation to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for this sign posted outside the abandoned Snyder Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church on Laura Street. Or should I say the Jacksonville “Sherriff’s” Office. 



Jordyn Jackson and Shawn Fisher (the adorbs husband-wife duo who make up Flagship Romance) may not be technically “Jacksonville’s own” anymore after moving west several years ago, but since they met and formed in Jax, I’m still claiming them as ours. And I’m proclaiming their new EP, “Lightning in a Bottle,” a revelation. Their gut-wrenchingingly beautiful voices and chill-inducing harmonies have never sounded better than on “Imposter,” which I’ve been listening to on repeat for a week. The fact the song details personal experiences with mental illness makes it that much more impactful. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. or enjoy the video of their impassioned acoustic version on YouTube.



ICYMI: WWE, in partnership with the NFL, debuted its line of “officially licensed NFL legacy title belts” (why there is a need for this item, I do not know). The $549.99* replica title belts feature official colors and logos of all 32 teams … except the Jags (*plus shipping, handling and tax). Did WWE scrap the belt since Shad Khan owns competitor AEW? Did Khan put the kibosh on his team being associated with WWE? Or (in a very doubtful scenario) did the belts sell out “faster than expected” as Fanatics claimed on Twitter? 🤔

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