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September 29, 2023
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Words by Su Ertekin-Taner

The Quinntessentials’ Podcast 


In many ways, The Quinntessentials’ Podcast is a quintessential podcast: weekly, sometimes biweekly episodes, a bass intro, an hour-long exploration of a niche, an outro that advertises all hosts’ social media and frequent episode teasers. In other ways, this podcast exceeds the quintessential: energetic hosts and fluid dynamic, risqué jokes for an 18+ audience and, most importantly, Joseph Quinn.


The Quinntessentials’ Podcast — no, it’s not misspelled — was built from Danielle Nicole, Laura Vanessa, and Shannon A.’s joint obsession with British actor Joseph Quinn. What began as a Joe Quinn-inspired podcast soon metamorphosed into a broader update on some of Hollywood’s favorites. The Quinntessentials hosts sometimes turn their female gaze toward conventionally attractive celebs, sometimes those who are acquired tastes, but always Joseph Quinn — festival and media appearances, film roles, biographical facts and all. 


Listening to the podcast, the Quinntessentials’ fan is at the forefront of pop culture and in on the gossip. In fact, as our Quinntessentials hosts develop hyperfixations on Jamie Campbell Bower’s spicy music, James Marsden’s acting credits, Pedro Pascal’s charm, Florence Pugh’s astrological sign and even the appeal of “A Court of Thorns and Roses” fictional book characters, listeners develop hyperfixations on the hosts’ juicy comments.


The hosts are not afraid to delve into the taboo with these comments; they readily explore the external qualities that make a celebrity or character attractive as expected — because some celebrities are just hot and deserve to be commended for it. Their parasocial analyses surpass the superficial though and include evaluations of a celebrity’s or fictional character’s reputation and emotional intelligence. Their subjective attractiveness meter may result in listener agreement or disagreement. Regardless, this bit of listener participation is half the fun of the episode. So if pop culture, Hollywood’s superstars or just gossip about attractive people piques your interest, listen to some quintessential drama with The Quinntessentials’ Podcast. 


Listen to The Quinntessentials’ Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podtail, Patreon, Listen Notes, Rephonic, Amazon Music, Simplecast and Podcash among other locations or follow The Quinntessentials’ Podcast on Twitter and TikTok (@thequinnpodcast).

Jenerally Speaking


Jennifer Genao introduces her auditory creation, “Jenerally Speaking,” in her warm radio voice and fluent radio speak. We’re listening. Soon, she announces her influential Jacksonvillian guests, all poised for a good old fashioned grill session — sans cooking equipment but with all the sizzle. We keep listening. In the next hour, Genao employs her sizzling questions to capture equally as sizzling sound bites that exhibit the ambitions of guests, their critical community involvement and the spirit of Jacksonville. But “Folio” is not just in it for the sound bites. Generally speaking, we keep listening to hear the whole hearty conversation. 


And Genao’s pithy guests and questions make hearty conversation easy. First, as a wearer of multiple hats — Genao is a podcaster, model, bartender and influencer — our host seemingly has a connection in every Jacksonville niche and consequently, an eager guest in these niches. For those musically inclined listeners, “Jenerally Speaking” features local rockstar Kody Paul and young talent (and “Folio” artist feature alum) Kenzie’s Place. For the social media savvy, Genao invites local influencers Massiel López, Lina Mariah and Zèke Tayag. Aspiring entrepreneurs might listen to body care brand owner Emefa Kumassah’s divulge her business hacks, and fashion aficionados might try Copper Closet director Josie Valentine’s feature episode. 


That most guest-based podcasts are only as impactful as their guests is only partially true; Genao serves as testament. While Genao’s guest roster is certainly impressive, it is her interviewing skills that breathe life into each episode. She doles out a thoughtful balance of hard-hitting, thought-provoking questions and low ballers, always playing to a guest’s conversational strengths. Genao can find and mine any story like gold, her sparkling, empathetic personality guiding the conversation. 


Listen to “Jenerally Speaking” for a community behind the scenes, an interview with representatives of your niche or just some of that hearty conversation that defines the podcast. Find “Jenerally Speaking” on Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, YouTube and Buzzsprout among other locations. 


Jacksonville native Su Ertekin-Taner is a student at Columbia University with a passion for everything arts. While she writes creatively, satirically, journalistically, and enthusiastically (of course), she also loves to sing, dance, and do impressions; her favorites are Toddlers and Tiaras Mom and Shakira. Find Su critiquing the quality of reality TV that she willingly spends several hours a day watching, petting her cat even though she recently discovered her cat allergy, and probably watching paint dry because it's fun.

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