Some Things in This Life Are Meant to Be: Noah Hunton’s Journey Toward Success

Noah Hunton’s Journey Toward Success

Words by Carson Rich

Noah Hunton is a rising singer/songwriter who has always had dreams of being at the top. Since the time he picked up a guitar in the sixth grade, he has always envisioned himself on the big stage like the ones before him. A childhood filled with the top country artists playing throughout his home brought this idea to life. 


At a young age, Noah Hunton loved playing music, so much so that it drove his parents crazy everytime he would ask for a new guitar or something new to learn. This drive kept moving along as he began to play during family gatherings and anywhere else he could show off his vocal skills. His high school years made some of his aspirations turn into a reality, as he got the chance to open for the legendary Josh Turner at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. From then on he went to play various local shows to really kickstart his career. 


After moving on from bouncing back and forth from around 10 different jobs trying to pay the bills, he dropped them in search of a new way of life. He started booking more shows, working his way up to bigger festivals, hustling day and night to get his name out. He asked local businesses to promote his music through a sponsorship to help fund new events. This idea took new heights soon enough as he wanted to create his own form of art, taking trips to Nashville to a recording studio looking for that spark. 


Catching up to now, he runs almost every aspect of his career and is steadily moving toward the place he has always dreamed of being — at the top. He does all of his own merchandising and marketing. And since he’s not yet signed to a label, he still has full control of his own releases. Growing up his family had full support of him and still does, and now he mainly relies on a tight circle that includes his fiancée, producer, friends and family. 


When discussing his view of his own music, he speaks very highly of the amount of versatility in his vocal range. Listening to his catalog, there are instances that remind the listener of older Josh Turner songs, but others sound like Tim McGraw with his higher tone of voice. The storytelling aspect of his songs also sticks out, and that is usually his main focus when getting out the pen and pad. 


Hunton said, “All these songs are like a heartfelt message from me that can reach other people, but also, you know, other people can relate to it in different situations. So it’s very open to different, you know, realms of thinking.”


It’s very apparent that most of his songs have meaning to him and his personal life with a great example like “Meant to Be.” This tune screams that 2000s era of country music that everyone knows and loves, and to top it all off, it was written as a love note to his now-fiancée. He has now released 12 singles on streaming platforms and hopes to gain traction in the near future to get to the next level. He had always had dreams of playing at the Grand Ole Opry, and now he is finally getting that chance, since he was nominated by the Joseph Music Awards for Male Vocalist of the Year for Modern Country. 


Always being yourself and working hard to achieve your dreams no matter what anyone says has always been the message that Hunton wants to give his fans, which seems to be exactly what he’s been doing his whole life. The sky’s the limit for Noah Hunton on his journey to become one of the greats, and so far he is on the right path.


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