September Horoscopes

September Digi Horoscopes


By Ambar Ramirez and Carmen Macri 



Pumpkin spice is in the air, Aries. Can you smell it? Unfortunately for you, this fall won’t just be pumpkin carving and “Gilmore Girls” reruns. You might find yourself confronted with situations that require decisive choices. Be wary with how you choose: Similar to the spookiness of the season that is to come, you might find yourself down an undesirable path. 



Happy Fall, sweet Taurus. Even though the leaves are changing colors, it doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, on Sept. 5 when Jupiter goes into retrograde, it would be wise to lay down a strong foundation for any upcoming plans. And just as the trees shed their leaves to make room for fresh ones, devote some time to clearing up a path of your own and make room for all the new opportunities soon to come your way.



The moon will be in Gemini for most of September which calls for celebration! Finally, a month of positivity and good vibes! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Use the upcoming moon cycle for positive growth and self-reform. Channel your inner witch; you know you want to. Light some candles and perform a seance. 



Time to get cozy and light those marshmallow-scented candles, Cancer. You’ve been through a lot of emotions these past couple of months and rather than continue this cycle and fall into despair, fall into the warmth of your bed. Lean into what and who you know, those you trust most. And strengthen those relationships rather than going to look for new ones. 



Not only is fall in the air, Leo, so is love. Use that charming personality of yours and get “boo-ed up.” It’s time to end that dry spell. Your social life will be fulfilled this month, forming new friendships and relationships,so make it count.



Hay there, Virgo! Despite the ups and downs of these last couple of months, you are walking down a pumpkin patch path that is leading you right where you need to be. All you need to do is recognize that you harness all the power to be the best version of yourself. Maybe Fall is the perfect season to release that power the same way the trees shed their leaves. 



Time and time again these horoscope predictions have urged you to find balance and harmony within yourself, Libra. Yet it seems that the stars are not fully convinced of your efforts. Hopefully, this season will urge you to finally make some changes in your life. You just need to be-leaf in yourself and the rest will play out. 



Oof. Another month of self-reflection, Scorpio. Maybe it’s time to make some actual changes rather than tip-toeing around the subject. Although you may think you are perfect (you are), some take your overbearing, intense personality as a red flag (it’s not). You will feel your emotions in full force on the full moon — much like a werewolf — but don’t shy away. Embrace it and make a change. 



I spy with my little pie an obstacle-filled month for you, Sagittarius. You’ve made a lot of progress within your personal and social life but with Uranus and Jupiter making their way through your sign, you will be forced to get down and dirty. During this time, it will be important to ignore the star’s effort to falter your spirit and stick to the things that make you happy. Maybe turn off all the overhead lights, light some witchy candles and cozy up to a good Fall-themed movie. 



Money this, overworking that. Maybe it’s time to chill the f*** out. As the weather cools down, so should you. You are no fun to be around when you’re being a control freak. Focus on mending relationships. Use this time to self-reflect and relax. 



Spice, spice, baby! This month is pushing you to the edge, Aquarius with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus messing with your usual cool spirit. But you’ve been through worse, right? Instead of focusing on the obstacles blocking your clear view, direct your focus on clear communication. Allow the universe to settle from the heat of the Summer and cool down. 



Boo! More like boo-hoo. September calls for a time of reflection, introspection and deep healing. You can’t just rewatch “Hocus Pocus” for the 10th time and ignore your problems. Newsflash: You can’t ghost your issues. Use the downtime this fall to face your challenges head on and make necessary changes in your life.